Favorite love songs by Anne Murray

Before I came to Canada, I had never heard of Anne Murray, but here she is a big star. I hope you like this selection of some my favorite love songs sung by her. First I would like to share her interview that I saw on the news earlier this week.

1. TV interview – November 2017

2. A fool such as I

3. All I have to do is dream

4. All of me

5. Always on my mind

6. Anytime

7. Are you lonesome tonight?

Many times I lie in bed and dream of singing this favorite love song.

8. As time goes by

9. Bridge over troubled water

10. Bye, bye love

11. Can’t help falling in love with you

12. Child of mine

13. Cotton Jenny

14. Could I have this dance? – My favorite love song by Anne Murray

15. Daydream believer

16. I really don’t want to know

17. I’ll be seeing you

18. I believe in you

19. I can’t stop loving you

Another one of my all time favorite love songs.

20. I fall to pieces

21. Just another woman in love

22. Lean on me

23. Me and Bobby McGee

24. Oh lonesome me

25. Old Cape Cod

26. Put a little love in your heart

27. Save the last dance for me

28. Sea of heartbreak

29. She’ll have to go

30. Singing the blues

31. Snowbird

This was Anne Murray’s big hit and I heard it again earlier this week on the radio.

32. Someday (you’ll want me to want you)

33. Take these chains from my heart

34. Tennessee waltz

35. True love

One of my favorite love songs.

36. Vaya Con Dios

37. Wayward wind

38. We’ll meet again

39. When I fall in love

40. What a wonderful world

41. You are my sunshine

42. You don’t know me

43. You needed me

44. You’ve got a friend

I also have Anne Murray singing on my Gospel website if you would like to check it out: Country Gospel and Bible.

45. Interview 15 minutes

Anne Murray talks about the dark years when she thought she was a “one hit wonder”, her children William and Dawn, her marriage and the early struggle. Anne Murray was the first Canadian female solo singer to reach No. 1 on the U.S. charts, and also the first to earn a Gold record for one of her signature songs, “Snowbird”. She is often cited as the one who paved the way for other international Canadian success stories such as k.d. lang, Céline Dion and Shania Twain. Anne’s hits included Kenny Loggins’s “Danny’s Song” (1972), “A Love Song” (1973), “He Thinks I Still Care” and her Top 10 cover of The Beatles’ “You Won’t See Me” (1974). Her all-time biggest hit “You Needed Me” (1978) was the biggest hit of her career (and her personal favorite), “I Just Fall in Love Again”, “Shadows in the Moonlight”, and “Broken Hearted Me” (1979); her remake of The Beatles’ “I’m Happy Just to Dance With You” (1980), “Daydream Believer” and “Could I Have This Dance” (1980); “Blessed Are the Believers” (1981); “Another Sleepless Night” (1982); “A Little Good News” (1983); 1984’s “Just Another Woman in Love”, “Nobody Loves Me Like You Do” and “Time, Don’t Run Out On Me” (1985). Murray married Bill Langstroth, music producer in 1975. They have two children – William (born 1976) and Dawn (born 1979), a singer-songwriter and artist who has recorded with her mother a number of times. Bill died in 2015. Anne is currently 71 years young!


Elvis stories

Elvis Presley sings lots of my favorite loves songs, but there is always more than just the songs. People are fascinated about his life, his loves, his friends and his family. Here are some stories about him, and I will add some more later.

1. Jerry Schilling – We were there when Elvis met Nixon

Yesterday I was re-watching the fictional movie of how Elvis meets Nixon, and it was still very entertaining. I have watched it many times. Rick Peters acts the part very well. Made in 1997. It is good to hear the true story from Jerry.

2. Vernon shares

3.  EP sings about bald head

Many times he changes the words of songs. On one of my other sites he sings: “You taught me how to milk a cow.” It was supposed to be : “You taught me how to love and now……. you say that we are through.”

4. Ginger – his Fiancee reveals

5. Larry Geller talks about Darlene and EP

Larry was his hairdresser.

6. Larry talks about a half truth can be a lie

7. Larry talks about EP part 1

8. Larry talks about EP part 2

9. Larry – Discover Elvis’ spiritual journey

10. EP’s granddaughter

11. Ronnie McDowell – reflections of a king

I noticed yesterday that it was Ronnie McDowell who was singing on the movie: Elvis meets Nixon.

12. EP cartoon – heaven’s gate

13. Anita Wood – Why she broke up with him

14. Anita – the day his mother died

15. Why Gladys was so depressed

She had a dream of fire around Elvis – their car had caught on fire that same night. She hated his success – she had to share him with others. She wanted to be poor again. Elvis had a premonition the night she died. “She’s all I ever lived for.” Grave photo – Star of David and a Cross.

16. Linda Thompson Part 1

17. Linda Thompson Part 2

18. Linda Thompson Part 3

19. Linda Thompson Part 4

20. Linda Thompson Part 5

21. Linda Thompson Part 6

22. Gillian Welsh – EP Blues

23. EP phone call with Red West – October 1976

24. Interview with Red West

25. EP movie list

26. The death of Judy Tyler (Jailhouse Rock)

27. A story of how EP fooled the world – with his fake death

28. I can’t help it – with Anita Wood 1958 – home recording

29. Anita Wood – “I’ll wait forever” – photos of army induction 1958

30. Anita Wood talks about the letter from Pricilla wanting to come from Germany

31. What Vernon and Dee did to EP

32.Anita Wood and EP – home movies

33. Some of EP’s other children

34. Joe Esposito remembers

Joe remembers his good buddy and employer. Very interesting.

35. Annette Wolf talks about the Elvis CBS TV concert special

36. Memories of the king

37. When God calls me home

I also have a gospel site if you would like to check it out: Country Gospel and Bible

Blue Bayou – a favorite love song

It seems to me, that all over the world, people enjoy love songs. Here is an example of one of my favorite love songs called Blue Bayou. People all over the world are singing it in all different languages.

1. Roy Orbison

I first heard Blue Bayou by Roy Orbison. I am not sure if he wrote it or composed the music.

2. Slim Whitman – Blue Bayou – a favorite love song

I love the pictures on this version. The man who makes the Slim Whitman videos does a real good job.

3. Lynn Anderson

Some beautiful sea scenes.

4. Linda Ronstadt

Linda sings it real good.

5. Lisa del Bo

6. Paola

I think this is in German.

7. Helen Cornelius

Nashville cats!

8. Lawrence Welk

9. Martina McBride

10. Jessy Triplett

11. The Black Wings Band

12. Faith Ako

13. Semino Rossi

I am not sure what language he is singing, but the video is so beautifully done.

14. Memphis Ukulele Band

15. Cox Family with Alison Krauss

16. Andy Tielman

17. The Mavericks

18. Pretty Girl

I don’t know her name, so I have just called her Pretty Girl.

19. Plain Folks

20. Bertie Higgins

21. Anika Moa

I admire the way this girl just keeps singing Blue Bayou, even though the audience is heckling her.

22. Jimmy Ellis “Orion”

This guy sounds a lot like Elvis.

23. Jill Burke

24. Luz Rios

25. Deborah Sasson

26. Norma MacDonald

27. Piet Veerman

28. Andrea Corr

29. Teresa

30. Robi Kahakalau

31. Mireille Mathieu

32. Harmonica

33. Engelbert Humperdinck (tradução)

He sings in English with subtitles in another language.

34. Lago azul – Linda Ronstadt

I think this is in Spanish.

As time goes by I will probably do more favorite love songs like Blue Bayou, featuring people we have never heard of before, and I hope it gives them more visibility around the world.

Favorite love songs by Canadian singers

There are a lot of famous Canadian Singers, and I would like to share some of their favorite love songs with you.

1. Paul Anka – Diana

I heard this song by Paul when I was a little boy in Salisbury, Rhodesia, and I also had a crush on an older woman. There was also a girl at school that I liked, and her name was Diana. So when my parents asked for a second name for my sister Valerie, I said “Diana.”

2. Lucille Starr – The French Song

This was a hit song by Lucille when I was a teenager in Bulawayo. I didn’t even know people spoke French in Canada until I came here.

3. Stu Phillips – The Great El Tigre

I heard this song by Stu Philips on a Jim Reeves record in Africa, and I always think of it when I see an old man sitting on a park bench.

4. Hank Snow – The Gloryland march

The only time I heard of Hank Snow in Africa was on a gospel record at a friend’s house in Salisbury.

5. Lorne Greene – An old Tin Cup

In Bulawayo I bought an LP record of Lorne singing a bunch of western songs, and this is one of them. Back in 1976 when we visited America for the first time, we went to the Ponderosa ranch out near Lake Tahoe.

6. Anne Murray – Could I have this dance

I guess Anne is one of the most famous Canadian Singers. So many of her songs are so nice.

7. Ocean – Put your hand in the hand

I hear Ocean many times on the radio here in Canada. This was a big hit in Africa for a Rhodesian singer.

8. Gene MacLelland – Snowbird

Anna Murray had a big hit with Gene’s song, but I feel I must put his name on here because he also wrote “Put your hand in the hand.”

9. Tommy Hunter – No Charge

I first heard this song by Johnny Cash, but I loved watching the Tommy Hunter Show on TV back in the 80′s.

10. Terri Clark – Easy on the eyes

One time when we were visiting the States, I kept seeing Terri on the various TV’s wherever we went. This is one of my favorite love songs of hers.

11. Shania Twain – Any man of mine

I remember seeing this video of Shania when we were at Radio Shack many years ago. She was the top singer at the time.

12. Gordon Lightfoot – Did she mention my name

Gordon is very popular in Canada. I love the words and the guitar playing in this song.

13. Ian and Sylvia – Four Strong Winds

Ian and Sylia were big stars before I came to Canada, but as you can see from this video, they are very popular.

14. Michael Buble – Save the last dance for me – One of my favorite love songs by a Canadian singer

Michael is very popular.

15. Bryan Adams – Everything I do

The crowd in this video make for mega excitement. Bryan really socks it to them.

16. Celine Dion – If I can dream (with Elvis Presley)

I have read the book by Celine. This is a mind boggling video of amazing technology of her singing with Elvis.

17. Liona Boyd – Baby Maybe

This video of Liona is one of my wife’s favorite love song videos.

18. Dan and Melissa David – Am Yisrael Chai

These folks sang at our church last year, so I want to invite you to give them a listen.

19. Justin Bieber – Boyfriend

I was watching this on TV the other night, and he remended me of a young Elvis. He is very popular among the girls!

20. Walter Ostanek – Beer Barrel Polka

He is the King of Polka in Canada.

21. Ronnie Hawkins – Ballads

Blue birds over the mountains. I’ve heard that one on the radio a few times.

22. The Poppy Family – Which way you going Billy?

I heard this one during the week. Thank you.

23. Avril Lavigne – Complicated

Don’t mess with her!

24. Rita MacNiel – I’ll accept the rose

I have heard her a few times in the radio. She has such a nice voice.

25. Guy Lombardo – Red roses for a blue lady

I was shocked when I read that he sold between 200 and 300 million records. Wow.

26. Gwen Shaw – I worship you

Sister Gwen has passed away now, but I remember when she played the piano so nicely. I suggested that she make a video of what she does with her fingers so we can learn from her.

27. Joni Mitchell – Both sides now

There are some lessons in this song.

28. Neil Young – Heart of gold

Over 17 million hits on this one.

29. Stomping Tom Connors – Bud the spud

I heard this one on the radio before. He really gets the crowd going!

30. Josh and Bethany Baltus – Holy Spirit

These folks are the grandchildren of our friends Lester and Elsie Tucker, and they shared this with us today, March 14, 2013. Their song is very holy.

31. Canadian Singers

There are so many Canadian singers. You can check this site for more.

32. Don Foster – Don’t you worry

I have decided to put myself down as a Canadian singer too, because I have lived in Canada over twenty years and have written many songs while I have been here. I wrote this one about 15 years ago. I am a worrier by nature, so I wrote this song to try and help myself. I read a book once by Dolly Parton, where she said she has written many songs as a type of therapy for herself.

Don Foster – The Winning Side

Back in 1982 I was listening to R.W.Shambach on the radio, and his message had so much power, that I got inspired to write this song. Then I sang it that night in church. It was the Wednesday night prayer and Bible study meeting. The devil must have heard me singing it in the morning, because he sent two demon possessed men to church that night. When I was trying to give the Bible study, they both started shouting and calling me a liar. They were so loud, that I couldn’t hear myself speaking, and had a microphone plugged into my amplifier, so I closed the meeting in prayer. I got so bugged by demon possessed people that I left the church, because the church didn’t believe in casting out devils. If you look at the back of the Bible, you will see that God is going to win in the end, so to be on the winning side we need to be on God’s side.

Don Foster – Canada Stands Tall

I wrote this song on Feb.5.2017. I was lying in bed trying to sleep and felt this song kept coming at me, so eventually I obeyed. I got out of bed, put the light on, and the whole song just flowed from the beginning to the end – 5 verses. I believe it was inspired by God!

33. Marty Allen

I was reading in the paper today that he is singing in Niagara Falls this week. (March 6.2014)

34. Beth Moore – OK OK – “live”

Beth Moore – OK OK – recording

In the top twenty. I read about this young woman in the newspaper.

35. Burton Cummings – Stand Tall

36. The Promise – Happy 150 Birthday Canada – Love from Victoria.

I enjoyed this song.

37. St. Albert 150 song

I saw on the internet that there was a song competition for this town, and maybe this lady was the winner. Very good music.

I also have a gospel website, if you would like to check it out, go to: Country Gospel and Bible

Favorite love songs by Charley Pride

Hi. Here is a collection of some of my favorite love songs by Charley Pride. On the one interview, it says that he was second to Elvis Presley in the amount of records he sold through RCA. That must be a lot!

1. A mansion on the hill

2. Act naturally

3. All I have to offer you is me – On The Johnny Cash Show

4. Always on my mind

5. Beneath the shelter of your eyes

6. Blue eyes crying in the rain

7. Blue eyes crying in the rain – beautiful pictures

This is still one of my all time favorite love songs.

8. Busted

9. Chain of love – My favorite love song by Charley Pride

10. Cotton fields

11. Cotton fields – On The Lawrence Welk Show

12. Crystal chandeliers – Nashville

13. Detroit City

14. Distant drums

15. Do what you do do well

16. Does my ring hurt your finger – On The Marty Stuart Show

17. Folsom Prison Blues

18. For the good times

19. Four walls – Nashville

20. Green green grass of home

Another one of my all time favorite love songs.

21. Heartaches by the number – Nashville

22. Help me make it through the night

23. Honky tonk blues

24. I can`t help it if I`m still in love with you – On The Buck Owens Show

25. I guess I`m crazy

When I was young, I loved the bass on this favorite love song, so when I play piano, I use the same notes on my left hand. Charley Pride covers a lot of songs I have heard by other singers.

26. I guess things happen that way

27. I know one

28. In the jailhouse now

29. Just a girl I used to know

30. Just between you and me – On The Lawrence Welk Show

31. Love sick blues – On The Lawrence Welk Show

32. Me and Bobby McGee

33. Mississippi cotton-picking delta town

34. Play, guitar, play

35. Please help me I`m falling

36. Rambling Rose

37. Rhinestone cowboy

38. She`s just an old love turned memory – Nashville

39. Six days on the road

40. Spell of the freight train

41. Streets of Baltimore

42. There’s a little bit of Hank in me

43. We could

44. Welcome to my world

45. When the trains come in

Charley Pride does this one real well.

46. Why Baby why – with George Jones

47. You win again

48. Your cheating heart – with Don Helms – Nashville

49. Choices – talk show interview

50. Brush Arbor meeting

Charley Pride also sings a lot of good old gospel songs too. You can see them on my other site: Country Gospel and Bible

Favorite love songs by Lorne Greene

When I was a teenager I watched Bonanza on TV, and ‘Ringo’ was on the hit parade. Many years later I bought an LP record in Bulawayo of Lorne Greene singing some of these favorite love songs.

1. Bonanza – My favorite love song by Lorne Greene

2. Ringo

When I was a kid I had lots of cowboy comics, so this song really appealed to me.

3. Saga of the Ponderosa

We visited the Ponderosa Ranch when we visited America in 1976, but it was closed for the season, so we took photos from outside.scan0031.rotate44.crop1

4. Pony Express

We saw the movie on TV starring Charlton Heston.

5. An old tin cup

A favorite love song.

6. Don’t fence me in – with Dean Martin

I laugh so much when I watch this. Dean Martin is so funny.

7. Geronimo

8. A gunslinger’s prayer

A very touching story of a man who wants to quit being a gunslinger.

9. Cool water

This was a hit song by another singer when I was a teenager, and we lived in a hot dry country.

10. My sons, my sons

11. Love finds a way

A love song.

12. One solitary life

I heard this song by Johnny Cash, with slightly different words.

13. Darling, my Darling

Another love song.

14. Mule train

15. End of the track

16. Headline news – His death


Take me home country roads – a favorite love song

I love this song: Take me home country roads, so I am doing a section here as one of my favorite love songs, done by many different artists with many different videos. There is something about country roads that has a great appeal to me, plus the idea of going home is also very appealing. A double winner!

First, I would like to feature JOHN DENVER, who is the one who introduced us to this favorite love song.    

1. John Denver – Beautiful paintings

2. Live recording – road pics

3. Very nice pics (box set)

4. Done by Lone Wolf – belongs to Sony Music

5. Wild and wonderful – dry ground, cabin

6. Pics of wndmills

7. Pics of the road home

8. Pics of wet road

9. Pics of Mountain Mama

10.  Pictures and words

11. Pics of West Virginia

12. Tribute

13. Pics of Taiwan

14. Pics of Thailand

15. Pics of Bidge Creek

16. John Denver “live” in Japan 1981

17. John Denver 1983

18. John Denver with The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band “live” Farm Aid 1985

19. John Denver and Johnny Cash

20. John Denver 1995

OLIVIA NEWTON-JOHN also sings “Take me home country roads” very nicely, and there are a number of videos of her singing.

21. Olivia Newton-John – pictures maybe China

22. Different pics – sunset pics

23. Take me home country roads – one of my favorite love songs

I love the “live” road video. It may have been taken in Europe.

24. Country pics

25. Time lapse photos

26. Olivia “live” 1972

27. Olivia “live” 2010

OTHER ARTISTS – Take me home country roads.

28. Guitar and harmonica

29. Emily Joy – “live”

30. “Live” show by Ceilidh

31. John Cena – “live” in wrestling ring

32. Todd Norcross

Some very nice photos.

33. Toots and the Maytals

West Jamaica.

34. Harmonica solo by Kyong Hwa Lee

35. Rez Valdez

He is singing by the sea in California where John Denver’s plane crashed.

36. Ray Charles

Recorded in Japan.

37. Brenda Lee – “live”

38. Osborne Brothers – “live”

39. Mike Asquino

Some say “Take Me Home, Country Roads” was written by Bill Danoff, Taffy Nivert, and John Denver. Someone else says Mike Asquino was one of the authors. So I am not sure who done it! Thank you for visiting my web site of favorite love songs. God bless y’all.

40. Amanda Holden

41. Girl – raining gently

42. Postal

43. Lenny Rogers

44. Hermes House Band

45. Yukari

46. Hayley McKay

47. Sungha Jung

Incredible guitar playing

48. Jamie McDell

49. John Rafferty – Voice UK 2014

50. Russell Moore and 3rd Tyme Out

51. Kang Jimin

52. J.R.Wyatt

53. Buck Norris

54. Ironmonger 100

Fingerpickin’ good

55. Holly Spears

56. Munson Music

Words and chords

57. Gold Hat 3

58. Cross Creek

59. Matt Plever

By the horses

60. Vintage – Clash of the cover bands

61. The Doo Wop Shop – Capella

62. Acoustic Pie 4th

63. Daryle Singletary

64. Michelle Spicer and Andrey Stolyarov

65. One man band – Tomoya Kobayashi

66. Jerry Edens

67. Dailey and Vincent

68. Stacy Grubb with Alan Johnston and South 52

69. Candace and Shelly

70. Mirka – Kajkowo

Little girl playing accordian

71. Chuck and Deb McAuley

72. Pacific Showtime Chorus

73. Swiss Boys

74. Kappa Danielson

75. Kikumasa00

76. Foster and Allen

77. Israel Kamakawiwo’ole

78. Fionn Music

79. Chris Tomlin

Favorite love songs by Doris Day

I first heard Doris Day singing when I was just a little boy, so this goes way back to my childhood. I have compiled a list of some of my favorite love songs that she sings, together with some of her interviews, which I find very fascinating. She seems to be a very up-beat person.

1. Sunshine medley – with John Denver

Some snazzy footwork here.

2. Sleepy lagoon

Some beautiful pictures.

3. Moonlight Bay – a favorite love song by Doris Day

4. The way we were – from a TV show

5. I left my heart in San Francisco – with Tony Bennett

This brings back memories of San Francisco.

6. Hold me in your arms – from a movie

7. When I fall in love -1952

8. Dream a little dream of me

This is a favorite love song. Makes me feel I am on holiday by the sea.

9. Que Sera Sera – movie version

10. Fly me to the moon – pics with Rock Hudson

11. I can’t give you anything but love, Baby

My mother used to sing this favorite love song when I was little.

12. Blue skies

13. Fools rush in

14. Three coins in a fountain – with Frank Sinatra

15. They say it’s wonderful

16. More

17. Till we meet again

18. When I grow too old to dream

19. Happy talk

20. Make someone happy

21. Quiet stars of quiet nights

22. All I do is dream of you

23. Cheek to cheek

24. Singing in the rain

25. Someday I’ll find you

26. With a song in my heart

27. People will say we’re in love

28. When you’re smiling

29. Sentimental journey

30. On the Johnny Carson show

31. Last TV interview

32. Secret love

33. I’ll never stop loving you

34. 90th birthday celebration

35. Secret love – different pictures

36. If I give my heart to you

37. Day by day

This is where Doris Day got her ‘play play’ surname.

38. You’ll never walk alone

39. Nearer my God to Thee

Doris Day was also very religious.

40. Mike Douglas show 1975 – interview – very good

41. Gary Collins interview 1985

42. Lucille Ball interview 1964

43. Johnny Carson show 1976 – with Rex

44. Viki Lawrence interview 1993

45. Barbara Walters interview part 1 – 1970’s

46. Barbara Walters interview part 2

47. Joan Lunden interview 1993

48. David Hartman interview part 1

49. David Hartman interview part 3

50. David Hartman interfview part 4

51. By the light of the silvery moon

52. Stardust and Just the way you look tonight

53. It had to be you

54. Everybody loves a lover

This is a fascinating favorite love songs by Doris Day. A really up-beat attitude. I went to dictionary.com to find out what Pollyanna meant, and it means someone who is very optimistic, based on a novel by an old days American writer.

55. Everybody loves a lover – with movie clips

56. Everybody loves a lover – different pics

57. A guy is a guy

58. A guy is a guy – with movie clips

59. Teacher’s pet

60. Fly me to the moon – movie clip with Rock Hudson driving in a car