My Favorite Love Songs by Elvis Presley

Elvis Presley sings more of my favorite love songs than any other singer.

1. Blue Hawaii

To me, this song is so romantic. “Come with me, while the moon is on the sea.”

2. Have I told you lately that I love you?

One time a guy was in a hospital bed, and when his wife was leaving, she asked him this question, and he wrote the song!

3. Don’t leave me now

Another lovely song.

4. Wear my ring around you neck

To me this song is so fantastic. When I was a kid, I loved the drums and the back up vocals. I was a big fan of E.P.

5. Young and beautiful

This is from the movie Jailhouse Rock, after the other man hurt his throat.

6. No More

I borrowed this record from a girl fan when I was a teenager, and this was one of my favorite songs by Elvis Presley.

7. Teddy Bear – one of my favorite love songs by Elvis Presley

This song is also on the ‘Loving You’ movie. When I was little this was one of my favorite love songs by Elvis Presley. To me, the music and singing and everything were just so fantastic. Seeing it on the movie, I realize that it is one of his best performances. The clothes, the lighting, everything.

8. All Shook up

Here is another one that takes me right back to my childhood. It is so romantic. A girl can mix a guy up so much. “My insides are shaking, like a leaf on a tree.”

9. It’s now or never

When I was at Graceland, I saw this record on the wall, and a note said that it sold 32 million copies.

10. Such a night

His on stage movements are so fantastic. No other singer can do it like him. “Just the thought of her lips, sets me on fire.”

11. Treat me nice

When I was a little kid and heard this song, I ran to my brother and told him I heard a new song called: “Dreaming eyes.”

12. Baby I don’t care

I love the guitar beginning of this number. When I was a teenager, this song felt so hip. That it didn’t matter if a girl was square, so long as she loved me. “You just want to park, where it’s nice and dark, and kiss and hold me tight.” This is one of my all time favorite love songs by the king: Elvis Presley.

13. You’re the reason I’m living

I heard this one on the radio years ago. So glad to find it on youtube. An old Bobby Darin number.

14. If you love me

Heard this one for the first time today. An old one from Olivia Newton-John.

15. Are you lonesome tonight

Many times I lie in bed at night and sing it silently to myself. A little while back I read the book by the same title, by Lucy de Barbin, and it is the most precious book about Elvis that I have ever read. It is so intimate and private. A real love affair. I understand now, why he looks so sad in so many of his photos.

16. I want you, I need you, I love you

I think it is very romantic.

17. Stuck on you

This was a big hit when I was a teenager.

18. Smokey Mountain boy

This was the first Elvis movie I ever saw, and I loved the beginning as he drove his jeep down the mountain singing this song. When I sang it, I only did the last verse, and put in my own home town name in the song.

19. Don’t be cruel

This was a big hit when I was a kid, and takes me right back to my childhood.

20. Blue moon of Kentucky

This a ‘live’ recording at the Louisiana Hayride. It is exciting to hear the crowd. This was on the flipside of his first record.

21. Don’t you think it’s time

I heard this one at a friends house when I was a young teenager. It felt so romantic. It brings back all those memories. The good times.

22. A fool such as I

A number of country singer did this one, but I like El’s version the most.

23. I can’t stop loving you

I never knew he sang this song, I have just found it now by mistake.

24. I can’t help falling in love with you

Lots of nice romantic pictures here. People and animals.

25. Paralyzed

This is ‘live’ at the Louisiana Hayride, back in the 50’s.

26. I beg of you

My brother had this EP record when I was a young teenager, and I loved this one the most of the 4 cuts. “I don’t want my heart to be broken.”

27. Playing for keeps

I think he knew how to play on people’s heart strings.

28. Kiss me quick

I wonder if kissing so many girls had an effect on him. I remember reading about Pat Boone not wanting to kiss any girl in a movie because he was married.

29. Love me

“Treat me mean and cruel, but love me.”