Slim Whitman Gospel Songs

The first gospel record I ever heard was by Slim Whitman, and some of his songs are featured here. Many thanks to the people who do these fantastic videos.

1. Sunrise

One day as I was watching the sunrise, I thought of this song by Slim Whitman as I praised the Lord for another day.

2. Who at my door is standing

3. He

4. Beyond the sunset

Slim Whitman does this gospel song so nicely.

5. What’s this world coming to

6. Today is mine

7. I’ll never pass this way again

8. Under his wings

9. How great thou art

10. It is no secret

11. I’ll fly away

12. God be with you

13. Whispering hope

14. A satisfied mind

15. Each step I take

This is another one of my favorite gospel songs when I was little.

16. He reached down his hand

17. Suppertime – Slim and Byron

18. I’m a pilgrim

When I was little, this was my favorite gospel song by Slim Whitman.

19. Walk with God

20. I’ll walk with God

21. What kind of God do you think that you are

22. An evening prayer – A Slim Whitman Gospel Song

23. Die son skyn weer more (Sunrise)

24. Fluist’rende hoop (Whispering hope)

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