My own favorite love songs by Don Foster (Songwriter)

Hi. I would like to share with you some of my own favorite love songs that I have written. I was born near Liverpool, England, but my parents took me to Africa when I was about 9 months old. I spent 11 years in Salisbury (now Harare), and 12 years in Bulawayo.

There are also other guys by the name of Don Foster out there who have songs on the internet, so it can be confusing. Over the years I wrote about 200 songs, and I just feel I must share them with the rest of the world. I have never been famous or had a hit song, but I hope the songs mean something to someone. Most of my songs are semi-gospel, but I have also written a few love songs, and a few happy-go-lucky songs.

1. I’m yours

This is one of the few love songs I have written. I wrote it for my wife. My daughter showed me how to put my art over photographs, so I had a lot of fun making this video. I used some old pictures, and drew a few new ones.

2. When you’re in love – My favorite love song – Don Foster (songwriter)

This is one of my few love songs. I have changed this video to pictures with a bluegrass beat.

3. Play with me Daddy

This is based on a dream I had when my son was small. I know a number of people who have lost their sons to car accidents, so this is very real in some people’s lives, and my heartfelt sympathies go out to those parents.

4. Cabin on the hill

One lunch break in Johannesburg, I was walking to the park when this song came to me. I had no paper, so I got my bank balance from an ATM, and scribbled the song on the tiny bit of paper.  I was working with a divorced woman that day, and Swaziland was in my mind as I wrote it. My wife lived in Swaziland before we got married.

5. You stood by me

I wrote this song about my wife, and how she stood by me through all the troubles I experienced when we first came to Canada.

6. Go to Florida

I wrote this song in Germiston, and it was originally called “Go to Durban.” Since I came back to Canada, I have changed a few words.

7. Every day’s a holiday

When we were teenagers, living in Rhodesia, my brother and I went to Margate for a holiday, and that is what this song is based on. I just love being in South Coast Natal on those lovely beaches, and surfing the lovely waves.

8. Isn’t Daddy coming home

Back in the early 70’s when I was a travelling singer, I was invited to supper at some people’s home. The rest of what happened is in the song.

9. When I was young

10. A New Day

This song keeps speaking to my heart, that I must forget the past, and start anew.

11. No more singing the blues

12. Little Boat

This song is based on a vision a man in Pretoria had. I heard his story in about 1971, and later wrote the song.

13. I need You

I actually wrote this song back in 1971, on Ontdekkersweg near the Volle Evangelie Kerk, on the west side of Johannesburg.

14. Don’t you worry

The other day my wife shared with us about the U.S.A. shutdown and the economic meltdown, and it got me so worried. So, the next day I listened to my song again, and decided to re-post it on the youtube. This song brings me a lot of comfort.

15. I carried you

This song is based on a poem I read about the footprints in the sand. It is always such a comfort to me. Rhodesia was a land-locked country, so I guess that is why I love the sea so much.

16. Wider than any ocean

This is a love song to God.

17. Jerusalem I love

To me it was a very holy feeling being in Jerusalem.

18. Blue Galilee

When we were by Galilee, I felt like pitching a tent and living there the rest of my life.

19. Ready?

This is a very important song. It has spoken to my heart many times.

20. The Winning Side

We are in a battle for our souls. God verses the devil.

21. Little Birds

God wants us to be happy.

22. Just one touch

To me this is a very holy song. I still need a big touch from the Holy Spirit.

23. All my troubles

All of us go through troubles, but it is coming out of them that is so hard. The pictures in this song are from British Columbia and Ontario.

24. Like the bird

One sunset in Germiston, I was going for a prayer walk when this song came to me.

25. No condemnation

If ever we sin, we need to come to the Lord and ask forgiveness.

26. Jerusalem I love (with lyrics)

Here is the same song – with words.

27. It was the rapture

One night I had a dream that shook me up real bad, and so the next morning I wrote the song.

28. A New Heart

I have re-done this song using pictures. We all need a new heart. There is so much hate and violence in the world.

29. Prophets

I think this song has an important message.

30. He understands

This is my latest song on youtube. October 9. 2013. Jesus understands how you feel because he has been through all the suffering that you and I have been through. He is now our high priest in heaven, interceeding for you and me.

31. Specialized

Jesus specialized in changing people. No matter what you have done, He is willing to forgive you if you ask Him to. He loves you, and wants you to be saved.

32. No river too wide (with Lyrics)

My wife and sister said they couldn’t hear all the words, so I typed them in.

33. There is healing (in the Name of Jesus)

I wrote this song after my cracked spine got healed back in 1972.

34. Don’t sit on the fence

I wrote this one back in 1966 when I was doing military training in the Rhodesian Air Force. I was travelling in a miliary bus looking out the window at the cows in the field, the other side of the fence.

35. Concrete Jungle

Back in about 1979 we were living in an apartment in Germiston, and I could see the factories by Railway Street pumping smoke into the air, which inspired me to write this song.

36. Jesus, I love You

To me this is a very holy song. Some people don’t like holy songs, and Jesus said we mustn’t cast our pearls before swine.

37. I talked to the Lord

Many years ago I came home from work feeling very depressed. I got on my knees by my bed and poured out my troubles to the Lord. Afterwards, I felt so much better, and wrote the song. Usually when I play the guitar and sing it, I dance around. It gives me such a charge, more than any other song.

38. Jailbreaker

Here is a Bible story in song. Hope you like it.

39. Fluffy

In 1983 I had a dream one night, then the next morning I wrote this. It is my passover song.

40. The Healer is here

Many years ago, we saw many people get healed, and I am constantly praying to see that again.

41. Palm Tree

There are so many people that commit suicide when the stress gets too much. So I hope this song helps somebody.

42. Follow

This is one of the last songs I wrote. “Everyone is special in the eyes of the Lord.”

43. Get off my back

I wrote this song when I was in my early twenties, and it seems like all my life that the devil has been whispering negative things into my mind. Telling me that I am not good enough. He has also used other people to tell me the same things. However, I feel that my songs have a certain amount of merit, even though I am plagued with such negative thoughts. Also, every night I seem to have nightmares. It is like I am in a continual spiritual battle.

44. Don’t worry about him

This song was a very big help in a healing process, because of a problem I went through with a particular man. Then years later, I had a problem with a certain woman, so I lengthened the song to cover both of them. Don’t let other people stop you from following Jesus. We all have to give an account one day.

45. I forgive you

Many times in my life I have had to forgive people for the wrongs they have done to me. As I did the pictures of this videos, it has brought back so many memories. My wife says it is because the devil has wanted to kill me. I think she is right.

46. Jesus, Rose of Sharon

I wrote this song back in the 70’s. As I sing the gospel songs, it leads me into worship, and this is a love song to Jesus.

47. It’s gotta be love

This was the title of my long playing record back in 1972. On the record was the whole band, but on this version, it is just me and the keyboard.

48. Henry

When I wrote this song, the original title was: “Daddy was a hard, drinking man.” Many years later, I have wondered if the title had offended my dad. You see, I wrote the song about a guy we met in King William’s Town back in the 70’s, and I wrote it from the point of view of his children. So anyway, I have changed the title, but I cannot remember the guy’s name, so I have called him Henry. After I had written the song, my wife asked me if I knew that he had planned to commit suicide, but I didn’t know that when I wrote the song.

49. You can’t buy the Holy Spirit

Many rich people want to buy the things of God, but all His gifts are free. We have to pay the price of dedication.

50. Chain the wind

Jesus talked about being born of the Spirit in John chapter 3.

51. I’ll meet you in heaven

Before she died, my mother hugged me and said: “I’ll meet you in heaven.”

52. If you hadn’t told me

This song is based on a true story.

53. A new creature

This is based on a statement in the Bible by Paul: “Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new.” 2 Corinthians 5,17.

54. Don’t be weary

This song is based on a verse in the Bible that says: “And let us not be weary in well doing: for in due season we shall reap, if we faint not.” Galations 6,9.

I wrote this song back in 1971 after a car cut in front of me on the freeway around Johannesburg.

56. Someone cared

Jesus loves you.

57. What did you do for Me

When I was in my early twenties, I had a dream one night where I stood before the Lord, and the Lord said: “What did you do for Me?” So I replied: “I went to church.” He said: “That wasn’t for me, that was for yourself, you are the one who got a blessing out of it. What did you do for Me?” So I said: “I read the Bible.” The Lord said: “That was for yourself, you are the one who got a blessing out of it. What did you do for Me?” Then it dawned on me that I had never won any souls for Jesus. I went to meetings 7 to 10 times a week. I read the Bible when I was a teenager. I knew hundreds of songs. I even knew most of the numbers off by heart, and what key each song was in, but I had never won any soul for Jesus. So that is what inspired me to ask Margaret to go to church. When she gave her heart to Jesus, her life changed. For the first time, I saw a life change in front of my own eyes, and I later left my job and went out singing for Jesus, and trying to win souls for Him. I also did a comic about Margaret. I can’t remember why I called the comic Top Priority, but I guess it is because being saved is the most important thing in the whole world! Won’t you give your life to Christ today? Comic: Top Priority

58. Woodchopper

I had this vision when I was washing Leo’s feet at a foot washing service in 1982.

59. That’s your mansion

I got inspired to write this song based on a story I heard when I was young, about lady in Rhodesia who had a dream.

60. Do you love Him more than anything?

It is about Abraham. I got inspired to write this song when my son was small.

61. Thank You for the power

Sorry that my recordings are not very good, but I feel I must put my songs out there in case there are some good singers and musicians that are looking for material.

62. Mama’s Prayer

Many years ago as I was on a long trip, I was inspired to write this song based on a story by another singer. Every now and then I would stop at the side of the road and write down the words. At the same time, I felt I was interceding for my son: “The devil can’t have my boy Lord.”

63. Fly High

This song is from my LP which was recorded in 1972.

64. It’s gotta be love (LP recording)

This is from the recording of 1972.

65. I once knew a preacher man

I wrote this song back in the 60’s or 70’s, based on an evangelist I had met. Over the years I have seen a number of preachers leave the ministry through a variety of reasons. Many times I pray that they will come back to preaching the gospel.

66. Vader maak U arms oop

Dear Afrikaans people. Please forgive me if I make mistakes in your language, but I have written a few Afrikaans songs, and feel I must share them with the rest of the world. Maybe there are some good singers out there looking for songs to sing, then they can take it a few steps further. Here is what this song means in English:

Father, open up your arms, here comes your lost son. Give him a big love-hug, he looks so very lonely. With a bag (or pocket) full of money, he went away, looking for pleasure and enjoyment. His clothes were nice and clean, and he walked upright. Now he’s coming back on the mountain road. He looks so skinny and dirty. Give him a big love-hug, he looks so very lonely.

67. Live above

I wrote this song in 1966 when I was in the Rhodesian Air Force flying in a plane from Gwelo to Salisbury.

68. A cloud in the sky

69. A million years

70. God cares for you

71. Don’t speak those words

72. He healed my broken heart

73. Walk in the sunshine

74. Man of Gadara

75. He had love

76. God is real to me

77. Wonderful feeling

78. Careful

79. A friend of mine

80. I remember You

81. Jesus wants to be number One

82. What shall it profit me?

83. It’s such a beautiful day today

84. Better get right

85. Is there time?

86. Vergewe nou

87. Sunshine is coming on my pathway

I specially made this video with photos of Welland for a contest.

88. Talent contest – “live” video – Sunshine is coming on my pathway

I wasn’t chosen for the contest, but I had a daydream that someone had an accident, and they called me in. That night at 10 pm, the manager phoned and asked me to join the show! To me, it was an appointment made by God. I was hoping they wouldn’t put me on first, and to my relief, they put me on last. It has been such a thrill for me. I was so nervous, and didn’t know what to expect, but I was chosen to be in the semi-finals along with another nine acts.

89. Canada Stands Tall

Three nights after being in the talent competition, I was lying in bed trying to sleep when this song kept coming at me. Eventually I obeyed, and got out of bed, put the light on, and wrote whatever came into my mind. The whole song just flowed from beginning to end. It has never happened like that before, and I believe it was inspired by God! This recording was done “live” in a church service a couple of weeks before the final talent competition.

90. When you’re in love – “live” – talent contest

91. Canada Stands Tall -“live” – Canada 150 Birthday Song

92.  A new heart – Muvizu – fruit on tree

93. Winning side – Muvizu – man on stage

94. When you’re in love – (park bench – Muvizu)

95. Don’t you worry  – Muvizu – man by sea

96. A New Day (with lyrics) 

97. Don’t you worry (with lyrics)

98. The healer is here (with lyrics)

As I have looked on the internet, there so many Don Fosters. Some are singers, some politicians, some artists, some TV producers, and some are into scuba diving, etc. This Don Foster, has done many things, but for the purposes of this website, I am focusing on singing, songwriting, art, music and religion. I have been in many countries, but have lived in England, Rhodesia, South Africa, and Canada.

Some years back when we were in South Africa, we went to visit the site where the Foster Gang had their final shoot-out with the police. It was very exciting. They were like the Bonnie and Clyde of America. By the way, Rhodesia is now called Zimbabwe.

I also have a gospel site: