Favorite Love Songs by Tom Jones

Tom Jones had some big hits, and I would like to share with you some of my favorite love songs that he sang.

1. Danny Boy – ‘live’

A love song about a man’s son.

2. Delilah – ‘live’

Love can cause big jealousy and even murder. So this is a warning.

3. Detroit City – ‘live’

Big crowd, and very nice guitar playing.

4. My Elusive Dreams

I have heard this song before by a country singer, and it is very sad, but very true to life.

5. I’ll never fall in love again – ‘live’ in Chili

Wow. You should see the crowd on this one. They really love Sir Tom Jones in Chili. 2013.

6. Green green grass of home – my favorite love song by Tom Jones

I especially like the feeling of this song and the piano playing.

7. I Believe – ‘live’

I have seen pictues of him with a cross around his neck, so I presume he is very religious.

8. Just help yourself – ‘live’

What a number! This is probably many people’s favorite love song. I read a book once by Debbie Reynolds where she says she was shocked at the way the women were throwing themselves at Tom Jones.

9. He stopped loving her today – ‘live’

A sad one I heard by George Jones. But love never dies.

10. Ring of Fire

I first heard this song on Tom Jones’ LP record of Delilah, that I bought back in the 60’s.

11. She’s a Lady – ‘live’

Wonderful words on this favorite love song.

12. Without love (there is nothing) – ‘live’

Another one with a lot of meaning, also what he says is important. A true love song.

13. You’ll never walk alone

Very beautiful pictures with this song of faith. The lighthouse and the waves crashing. Big storm. Don’t be afraid, you are not alone. God cares for you. Jesus died for you, so you can get saved.

I also have a Gospel web site. If you want to check it out, go to:  http://countrygospelandbible.com/

Favourite Rock and Roll songs by Cliff Richard

The other day I came across some of Cliff Richard’s early Rock and Roll songs which I really enjoyed, and have become some of my favourites.

1. Whole lot of shaking going on

Here Cliff takes off the old Jerry Lee Lewis.

2. 1959 ‘live’ Rock and Roll concert – 15 minutes

I love his early fast moving songs.

3. Let me tell you Baby – 11 minutes

“Let me tell you Baby – it’s called Rock and Roll.”

4. First ‘live’ recordings 1958 – 4 songs – 9 minutes

I had never heard him sing Jailhouse Rock before.

5. ‘Live’ from Belgium 1964 – 40 minutes

Sir Richard is an internation star. I remember being on a bus in Israel, and hearing him singing on the bus speakers. That was so unusual.

6. Old video – on stage – 2 hours

This is like an assortment of songs.

7. The real Cliff Richard

I thought it was very interesting to hear his life story, as told by other people. “Thank you” Sir Cliff Richard. He shook my hand when I was young, and it was a very big thrill for me.