White silver sands – a favorite love song

The first time I heard the song “White silver sands” was at a friend’s house in Bulawayo, when I was a teenager.  It was on a record by Bill Blacks Combo. So I never heard any words, but the music and the title gripped my interest. Now with the internet, we have access to so many songs, and this has become one of my favorite love songs. The version I like the most is by Don Rondo. I never heard of him when I was growing up, because I didn’t grow up in America. However, some people have made such lovely videos of his version, with all the waves and kissing, etc. So, I hope the song makes you happy. I long to be by the sea again, and listening to songs like this gives me a lot of joy. A long time ago we were at a beach near Pensacola, and the sand was whiter than any beach I have ever seen.

  1. Ace Cannon
  2. The Bandits
  3. Bill Black’s Combo
  4. Bo Diddley
  5. Bobby Vee
  6. Brenda Lee
  7. Carol Lee Cooper
  8. Chet Atkins
  9. Dancing
  10. Dave Gardner
  11. Dean Rosko
  12. Don Gibson
  13. Don Ho
  14. Don Lang
  15. Don Rondo – good visuals – waves, etc
  16. Don Rondo – Lots of kisses
  17. Don Rondo – Sunset kiss
  18. Ernest Tubb – waves etc – good visuals
  19. Floyd Cramer
  20. 4 Preps
  21. Gerry Grant
  22. Glen Campbell
  23. Hank Snow
  24. Jerry Byrd
  25. Jerry Jaye
  26. Jimmy Dean
  27. Jimmy Sturr
  28. Katie Webster
  29. Kenny Price
  30. King Louie and his South Sea Islanders
  31. Lennon Sisters
  32. Nashville String Band
  33. Owen Bradley
  34. Pat Boone
  35. Paul Blissett
  36. Q – Tees
  37. Ray Conniff
  38. Ronnie Dove
  39. Scrubbin’ an’ Pickin’
  40. Sleepy LaBeef
  41. Slim Whitman
  42. Sonny James
  43. Tex Williams
  44. The Ventures
  45. Willie Mitchell
  46. Winston James and The Hot Rod All-Stars
  47. Well folks, that’s all the singers I could find singing “White silver sands.” Although I have never sung this song in public yet, sometime in the future I can dream of singing it as one of my favorite love songs. Lots of the famous American singers also sing gospel songs, and I would like to invite you to check out one of my gospel websites: country gospel and bible.


My mother sang her favorite love songs and also gospel songs

When I was a little boy growing up in Salisbury, Rhodesia, I remember my mother singing lots of her favorite love songs while she was busy in the kitchen, and I heard them while I was outside playing with my toys. Songs like: When it’s Springtime in the Rockies, A kiss is still a kiss as time goes by, I’m an old cowhand from the Rio Grande, On the Isle of Capri, Down Mexico way, Be a little forgiving take me back in your heart, I’ll be loving you always, Don’t sit under the apple tree with anyone else but me, and many, many more.

Then she got saved, and sang songs like: The lily of the valley, I tried the broken cisterns Lord, and Happy day that fixed my choice, etc. Then she wanted to get filled with the Holy Spirit, and as the preacher was on his way to pray for her, my brother and I were naughty, and she spanked us, and ended up in a very bad mood. When Pastor Price prayed for her she went into some kind of dream where she was in the sea, and the waves were coming over her. Then she felt she had drowned. (When she was young her daddy drowned in Illovo Beach, South Africa, while saving a girl from drowning).

Then it seemed like, far away someone was speaking in tongues. That person just kept on and on speaking in tongues for a long time. Then she got curious as to who was doing that. When she woke up, she found it was herself speaking in tongues, and she was lying on the floor! The pastor said she had a mighty baptism in the Holy Ghost.

Many years later when we were having house meetings in Bulawayo, every now and then she would speak in tongues, and expect someone to do the interpretation. But there was no interpretation. When I was a teenager I remember going with my mother to a ‘Keswick’ meeting somewhere outside of Bulawayo. There were about a hundred people there from all different churches. Then during prayer time, mother started speaking in tongues! I thought: “No mother, don’t do that here! These people don’t believe in that sort of thing!”

After the meeting, when we were outside, I remember seeing Pastor Bob Beatty speaking to my mother. He was a missionary from America. She told me later that he was asking her what languages she spoke, etc. Apparently she was speaking in some African language that he had learnt, to minister to a particular tribe in Rhodesia. Some years later, in the early 70’s, I remember Bob Beatty inviting me to sing at a mission station somewhere near Gwelo.

In the late 70’s I remember Pastor Marks inviting me to sing at his church outside of Que Que. I remember the church building being next to the main road between Bulawayo and Salisbury. There were banana palms behind the church, and the pastor’s house behind the banana palms. Before going to that church, the Holy Spirit impressed upon me the words of the Apostle Paul in the Bible. “Let him that speaketh in tongues, pray that he might interpret.” (1 Corinthians 14:13). Then I realized that my mother should have asked the Lord for the interpretations when she spoke in tongues. She had the anointing on her, so it was her responsibility to do the interpretations as well, and not expect someone else to do it.

In one of the meetings, I invited people to come forward for healing. I seem to recall there were six people. The last person I prayed for was a woman. I laid my hands on her shoulders and prayed for her. Then she started speaking in tongues. So I said to her: “Now, give the interpretation.” There was a bit of a silence. Then she said: “The Lord has forgiven your sins.”

Straight after that I gave an invitation for people to received Jesus Christ as their Saviour, and about twelve people came forward.

The next morning, my wife and I were sitting in their living room talking to Pastor Marks, when the phone rang. We heard half the conversation. Apparently some woman who was in the service the night before, was asking Pastor Marks what languages the other woman spoke when I prayed for her. He explained that she spoke English and a bit of the local African language, then he asked her why she was inquiring. She said that last night the woman spoke in Hellenic, and with her being Greek, she understood what she was saying. So he asked her what she had said, and she replied that she spoke in Hellenic, then she said the same thing over again in English!

So Pastor Marks explained to her what happened on the day of Pentecost, how the disciples were filled with the Holy Spirit, and spoke in various languages the people knew, who had come to Jerusalem from all different parts of the world. (Acts chapter 2, in the Bible).

Many times since then, the devil has attacked me, telling me that my sins are not forgiven. Beloved, the devil is a liar. Keep serving God, as best as you know how, and we’ll meet again on the streets of gold, in a land where we’ll never grow old!


Favorite love songs by Guy Mitchell

When I was little, one of my favorite love songs was ‘Singing the blues.’ Later in life I have discovered it was sung by Guy Mitchell. Thanks Guy! Here are some of his songs, and I hope you like them.

  1. Alphabet song – with Petula Clark
  2. Christopher Columbus
  3. Heartaches by the number – Original version 1959 – my favorite love song by Guy Mitchell
  4. Heartaches by the number “live” with The Four Lads – in Color 1981 – with Orchestra – Lots of songs
  5. Heartaches by the number – Electric Guitar cover
  6. I can’t help it (if I’m still in love with you)
  7. It keeps right on a hurtin’
  8. Look at that girl
  9. My heart cries for you – with lyrics
  10. My heart cries for you – a different recording
  11. My shoes keep walking back to you
  12. My Truly, Truly Fair
  13. Rock-A-Billy
  14. Singing the blues – with Ray Conniff and Orchestra
  15. Singing the blues – On Ed Sullivan TV Show 1956
  16. Singing the blues – On Color TV 1984
  17. Sippin’ soda
  18. Sweet stuff
  19. Tennessee Waltz
  20. There’s a pawnshop on a corner in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania
  21. Your cheating heart Many of these songs take me way back to my childhood. Even though I am old now, the memories of these favorite love songs and Guy Mitchell still warm my heart. Remember to always keep love in your heart. Love is better than hatred and violence.

Santa – “fairy stories”

I heard about Santa when I was a little boy growing up in Southern Rhodesia. I also heard about the snow and the reindeer, etc. However, it was the middle of summer in our country, and I remember hearing people say it was “A 100 degrees in the shade.” (Fahrenheit).  Yet I heard about Santa, and the snow, and the reindeer, and the chimney, etc. Our chimney was too small for anyone to come down, and we never had any snow in our country, and we didn’t have any reindeer either! So it all felt like “fairy stories!”

Churches are also into all the “fairy stories.” There is no such word as “Christmas” in the Bible. That word may also be taking Christ’s name in vain, because Jesus never gave authority for his name to be used in that way. Jesus never gave authority for the use of his name in the word “Christian” either. In fact that is opposite to what Jesus taught. Jesus said: “Many shall come in my name saying ‘I am Christ’ and shall deceive many.” (Matthew 24:5). When I was a kid, I too was deceived. I read in the Bible that the disciples were called “Christians” first in Antioch, but some ‘unknown person’ is not a credible witness. (Acts 11:26). Jesus said: “By the mouth of two or three witnesses shall every word be established.” (Matthew 18:16). King Agrippa used the word “Christian“ right in front of Paul, but Paul never used that word. (Acts 26:28). King Agrippa is not a reliable witness either. His ancestors tried to kill baby Jesus, they killed John the Baptist, they killed James, and wanted to kill Peter. Peter is the only disciple in the Bible to use that word “Christian,” and he uses it in connection with persecution. “If any man suffer as a ‘Christian’ let him not be ashamed, but glorify God on this behalf.” (1 Peter 4:16). Peter got beaten by the leaders of Israel for believing that Jesus was the Christ. (Acts chapter 5). He got imprisoned a few times, and Herod wanted to kill him. (Acts chapter 12). Peter said: “Love the brotherhood.” (1 Peter 2:17). Jesus means “Saviour” and Christ means “Messiah.” There is only ONE Saviour and ONE Messiah, and that is Jesus Christ of Nazareth. Faith in that name can cause the lame to walk, and dance with joy! (Acts chapter 3). All my life, I have basically had three teachers: 1. Church people. 2. The Doctor of the Bible School. 3. The Holy Spirit. I choose to follow the Holy Spirit, even though church people get very angry with me at times. I don’t want to tell any lies to try and please people, I want to go to heaven one day! All liars are going to go to the lake of fire! (Revelation 21:8). There is also no such thing in the Bible as December the 25th. There is nothing in the Bible about the shepherds being with their sheep on a cold winter’s night. A Rabbi on the internet said that the sheep in Israel only have babies in the springtime.

I am of the opinion that Jesus was born in the springtime in Israel. Let me give you my reasons. In Exodus chapter 12, God himself told Moses that His New Year starts 14 days before Passover. Then one year later at Mount Sinai, in Arabia, (Galations 4:25), God told Moses he must erect the tabernacle on the first day of God’s New Year. (Exodus chapter 40).That was when the glory of God came down from heaven into the tabernacle. When Jesus got born, the angels sang: “Glory to God in the highest.” When Jesus got born, that is when the glory of God came down to earth in the form of a baby. “A body hast Thou prepared me.” (Hebrews 10:5). We met a preacher that went to heaven and back, and he said that Jesus was born at Passover, and died at Passover. I have never been to heaven and back, so I didn’t argue with him, but it was in the “springtime” that Jesus got born, not in the winter.

The Romans believed in the sun-god, and when the days got shorter in the winter, they thought that the sun-god was dying. So, 25th of December is the day of the re-birth of the sun-god according to Pope Gregory’s Calendar. Sun worship is death penalty in the Bible. (Deuteronomy  chapter 17). When the Israelites were in Egypt, God made the sun go dark, to show the Egyptians that the sun is not a god. (Exodus chapter 10).  So beloved, I urge you to follow the teachings of God as found in the Bible, and forget all the pagan stuff that comes out of Rome. Paul even wrote to the church in Rome and said to them: Be not conformed to the world (Rome), but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect will of God. (Romans 12:2).

Jesus told the religious leaders of his day that their traditions made the word of God of none effect. (Mark chapter 7). Most people seem to be very bound by their traditions. They make their traditions higher than the word of God. Beware. One day there will be a day of judgment. There are only two places to go: the new earth or the lake of fire. (Revelation chapter 21).


Elvis Presley and Ai (Artificial intelligence)


It seems like every day people are making new songs for Elvis to sing using Ai (Artificial intelligence). It seems quite exciting hearing him sing some of these hit songs sung previously by famous singers. Some other songs have been taken from black and white songs on his movies and made into color with the help of Ai (Artificial intelligence). I like to spell it with a small “i” because it feels better for me. I am still a big fan of Elvis and my favorite love songs.

  1. A hundred pounds of clay
  2. A place in the sun
  3. Achy breaky heart
  4. Against all odds
  5. All I have to do is dream
  6. All my ex’s live in Texas
  7. All of me
  8. Amarillo by morning
  9. America
  10. Another fine mess
  11. Are you lonesome tonight?
  12. Are you sure Hank done it this way?
  13. As good as I once was
  14. Be Bop A Lula
  15. Big iron
  16. Bless them all
  17. Blue on black
  18. Blue suede shoes – screen test
  19. Burning love
  20. Can’t hardly stand it
  21. Circle of life
  22. Country boy
  23. Crazy little thing called love – 1 version
  24. Crazy little thing called love – another version
  25. Desperado
  26. Devil in disguise
  27. Dixieland Rock
  28. Donna
  29. Don’t be cruel – TV
  30. Don’t be cruel – “Live” in Tupelo
  31. Don’t leave me now
  32. Earth angel
  33. El Paso
  34. End of the world
  35. Family Bible
  36. Georgia sunshine
  37. Get with it
  38. Ghost riders in the sky
  39. God’s country
  40. Good luck charm
  41. Good old boys
  42. Hallelujah
  43. Hard headed woman
  44. Heartaches by the number – A favorite love song
  45. Here without you
  46. He’s got you
  47. Honey
  48. Hound dog
  49. House of the rising sun
  50. I ain’t living long like this
  51. I cross my heart
  52. I get a kick out of you
  53. I gotta know
  54. I love a rainy night
  55. If I can dream – (Flaming Star)
  56. I’m a ramblin’ man
  57. I’m coming home – (Blue Hawaii)
  58. I’m on fire
  59. I’ve got you under my skin
  60. I was the one
  61. I was there when it happened
  62. I will always love you
  63. It feels so right
  64. It’s now or never
  65. Jailhouse rock
  66. Jenny’s song
  67. Just like starting over
  68. King Creole
  69. King of the whole wide world
  70. Leaning on the everlasting arms
  71. Leave right now
  72. Let it be me
  73. Let me, and Poor boy – colorized by Artificial intelligence from the movie
  74. Livin’ high
  75. Long tall Sally
  76. Louisiana man
  77. Love me
  78. Love me tender
  79. Marie’s the name of his latest flame
  80. Master of puppets
  81. Mean woman blues
  82. Motorcycle drive by
  83. My boy
  84. My heart will go on
  85. New York, New York
  86. Not fade away
  87. On the road again
  88. Only the lonely
  89. Only you
  90. Peggy Sue
  91. Piano man
  92. Poor man’s gold
  93. Pretty woman
  94. Puttin’ on the Ritz
  95. Return to me
  96. Rock around the clock
  97. Rock me gently
  98. Rolling in the deep
  99. Route 66
  100. Run
  101. Sentimental (I get so)
  102. She’s a lady
  103. Simple man
  104. Someone like you
  105. Somewhere over the rainbow
  106. Sounds of silence
  107. Stuck on you
  108. Sunshine day
  109. Sway
  110. Sweet home Alabama
  111. Sylvia
  112. Take me home, Country roads
  113. Take me to church
  114. That’ll be the day
  115. That’s life
  116. The gambler
  117. The girl from Ipanema
  118. The Lighthouse
  119. The night they drove old Dixie down
  120. The night watch
  121. The wanderer
  122. The woman in my life
  123. The wonder of you
  124. Till I waltz again with you
  125. Thinking out loud
  126. Treat her right
  127. Trouble
  128. Until I found you
  129. Until we meet again
  130. Wagon wheel
  131. Wanted
  132. What a wonderful world
  133. When I fall in love
  134. When my blue moon turns to gold again
  135. Whole lot of shakin’ going on
  136. Wonderful you
  137. Xanadu
  138. You are so beautiful
  139. You can have her
  140. You got it
  141. You’ll never walk alone – with John Lennon
  142. You look so good in love
  143. Young and beautiful
  144. Young dreams
  145. You’ve got a friend in me
  146. It is wonderful what Ai (Artificial intelligence can do, and I enjoy listening to the songs, however, Ai can also be very dangerous. On the news I have seen how a number of times grandparents have been scammed out of money by crooks using Ai to take off their grandchildren’s voices asking for money. One of the stories is that they are in trouble with the police, but the attorney will pick up the $10,000 cash, etc. Apparently people have been robbed out of billions of dollars. So beware. If Elvis phones you saying he needs money, don’t believe it! If you are interested, I also have a site where I feature Elvis’ gospel songs. It is called Country Gospel and Bible. Elvis believed that Jesus Christ was the the real king, and the only way to get to heaven is by repenting of your sins and receiving Jesus Christ as your Savior. It is only a prayer away! God bless y’all.




Linda Lou Schriver – Favorite love songs

Many years ago when I did Taxi driving in the Niagara area, I used to listen to the classic country radio station out of Buffalo, New York. Linda Lou Schriver’s daddy used to do programs on the air there, but he has since passed away, so I would like to feature Linda Lou and her family. I also saw them on WNED-TV promoting the country music of Nashville, Tennessee. Last week I discovered they are now “Live streaming” on the internet at their radio station WXRL on the air. Many years ago I enjoyed listening to the ‘Old Country Church’ on monday 7-8 pm (Eastern Standard time in the USA).

  1. Linda Lou and The Ramblin’ Lou Family Band – 46 minutes “live” – Featuring songs like: Rollin’ in my sweet Baby’s arms, O lonesome me, Folsom Prison Blues, Silver threads and golden needles, I’ll always love you, Blue suede shoes, Beverley Hillbillies song, Daddy’s hands, Take me home country roads, Working man blues, etc. They sing a lot of my favorite love songs here!
  2. Cowboy cute and Cowgirl crazy
  3. Didn’t I
  4. Don’t you need someone
  5. Gone with the wind
  6. Good morning and goodbye blues
  7. I’ll be home for Christ’s birth
  8. It ain’t that way
  9. Treat me like a lady
  10. Linda Lou and The Ramblin’ Lou Family Band – What’s going on
  11. Featured on a tribute to her dad – Ramblin’ Lou
  12. Lynn Carol Schriver – Tell me what is wrong (and I’ll help you make it right)
  13. Lynn Carol Schriver – There you go again
  14. Lynn Carol Schriver – A faster train
  15. Ramblin’ Lou and his Twin Mountaineers – Radio Station SAVED (1951) It is nice to hear Ramblin’ Lou singing this good old country gospel song. Beloved, the most important thing in the whole world is to be saved. Eternity is forever, and there are only two places to go. Jesus said: He that believeth and is baptized shall be saved. (Mark16:16) I also have a country gospel website if you would like to visit it: Country gospel and bible.

The most popular songs each month in the world from 1950 to 2021

I have found it fascinating listening to a few seconds of each of the most popular songs in the world each month from 1950 to 2021. They say it might not be exactly accurate because of all the different countries, etc, but I find it very interesting. It is like looking at the story of my life, as I associate different periods of my life with the songs I have heard.

  1. Most popular song each month in the 50’s (26 minutes)

2. Most popular song each month in the 60’s (26 minutes)

3. Most popular song each month in the 70’s (13 minutes)

4. Most popular song each month in the 80’s (13 minutes)

5. Most popular song each month in the 90’s (13 minutes)

6. Most popular song each month from 2000 – 2009 (13 minutes)

7. Most popular song each month from Jan 2012 – Jan 2021 (11 minutes)

When I was a preteen, the Elvis Presley songs had a big influence on my life, then as a teenager I got hooked on the Jim Reeves songs. When I was twenty, I was forced to do military training in my home country, and I was shocked at how the people used the name of Jesus Christ in their language, so I quit pop singing and switched to gospel singing. If you are interested, I have a website where I promote gospel singing: country gospel and bible.

Mockingbird Hill – A Favorite love song

Early the other morning as I looked out of my bedroom window and “surveyed my kingdom,” it made me think of this song: Mockingbird Hill. Lately the world news has made me so depressed, with all those deaths in Kabul, and the other people stranded there at the airport, etc, that I have decided to go back to listening to songs. Songs uplift my spirit and make me happy. Here are lots of singers performing this favorite love song. Maybe I will learn it too, and sing it somewhere, sometime.

  1. Patti Page – Mockingbird Hill
  2. Burl Ives
  3. Roberta Linn
  4. Slim Whitman
  5. Les Paul and Mary Ford
  6. Lennon Sisters
  7. Slim Whitman (again)
  8. The Pinetoppers and The Beaver Valley Sweethearts
  9. Janey Kirk
  10. Gene Pitney and George Jones
  11. Imelda May
  12. Donna Fargo
  13. Hank Snow and Anita Carter
  14. Wilf Carter
  15. Elton Britt and Rosalie Allen
  16. Janie Brannon
  17. Jean Shepard
  18. Teresa Brewer
  19. Ronnie Ronalde
  20. Sons of the Pioneers
  21. The Buddy Holly Story
  22. Elaine Silver
  23. Maureen Moore
  24. Therese Botha
  25. The Shannon Sisters
  26. Yodeling Slim Clark
  27. Ann and CW
  28. American Girls
  29. Ron Muise
  30. The Taffetas
  31. Texas Ladies
  32. DW
  33. Mimi Martel Duet
  34. Mickey and Bunny

I hope this favorite love songs brings many happy memories for you, and brightens your day. Apparently Mockingbird Hill was a big hit for Patti Page in the “old days.”

Shelley Fabares – Favorite love songs

Shelley Fabares says she can’t sing, yet one of her favourite love songs: “Johnny Angel” hit number one on the billboard hit parade. I remember years ago having the video of the movie Clambake, and seeing her on there with Elvis Presley. Apparently she was on three movies with Elvis. I saw her once on a surfing movie too.  I have tried to put together a bunch of her songs in alphabetical order, and I hope you like them. She is still alive, yet Elvis left us many years ago.

Shelley Fabares  remembers Elvis Presley

  1. Big Star
  2. Boy of my own
  3. Breaking up is so hard to do
  4. Football season’s over
  5. Funny face
  6. Girl Happy – with Elvis
  7. Hi-Lilli, Hi-Lo
  8. I’m growing up
  9. It keeps right on a hurting
  10. It’s been a long, long time
  11. Johnny Angel – My favorite love song by Shelley Fabares
  12. Johnny get angry
  13. Johnny loves me
  14. Locomotion
  15. Lost summer love
  16. Love letters
  17. Make me happy
  18. My prayer
  19. Palisades Park
  20. Picnic
  21. Pretty please
  22. Puppet on a string – Elvis sings to her
  23. Ronnie call me
  24. Roses are red
  25. Sealed with a kiss
  26. See you in September
  27. Spinout car race – with Elvis
  28. Spring fever – with Elvis
  29. Talks about “Johnny Angel” success
  30. Telephone
  31. The things we did last summer
  32. True love
  33. V-A-C-A-T-I-O-N
  34. Very unlikely – with Paul Petersen
  35. Welcome home
  36. Where’s it gonna get me?

I hope you enjoy some of these favorite love songs by Shelley Fabares, and I hope they bring back happy memories of the old days of long ago. By the way, I also have a gospel website, if you would like to check it out. It is great to have fun here on earth, but the most important thing is to get saved by faith in Jesus Christ, and have a great eternity too! God bless y’all. countrygospelandbible.com