Hymns with beautiful pictures

In my heart I feel I must share some hymns with you, together with beautiful pictures and the words as well. With the passing of Whitney Houston, I am struck with the fact that life is so fragile. We can be here today, and gone tomorrow. The most important thing is to be saved, and spend eternity with the Lord, otherwise we will spend it with the devil in the lake of fire. The only way to salvation is through Jesus Christ, who died on the cross for our sins. So we must repent of our sins, be born again by the Spirit of God, and be baptized. Please consider what I have written, and give your heart to the Lord. If you end up in hell, don’t blame me.

1. The love of God – The Mennonite Hour Singers

God’s love is so much greater than ours, and Jesus taught that we must try and have His type of love towards others.

2. What a day that will be – Sharon Bethel Quartet

This is such a lovely hymn, with such beautiful pictures.

3. Until then – His Image Singers

Stuart Hamblen wrote some realy good songs. I used to sing: “The soul of man is like a waiting eagle.”

4. ‘Til the storm passes by – Blue Rock Mennonite Youth

We all have storms in our lives, but it is how we handle them that makes the difference.

5. God will take care of you – Antrim Mennonite Choir

Those words are so comforting. Jesus said the Holy Spirit is a Comforter. I found that to be so real in my life recently. I had some problems, and while I was having a shower, I started speaking tongues out loud, and it was as if there was someone next to me comforting me.

6. His eye is on the sparrow – Mennonite Hour Singers

Although I am not a Mennonite, I want to thank the folks who sing so nicely and put up such nice visual effects. God bless y’all.

7. Amazing Grace – Antrim Mennonite Choir – Hymns with beautiful pictures

So many of these songs were written so long ago, and we are still able to enjoy them.

8. What a friend we have in Jesus – Voice of Praise Quartet

Some of these words bring so much comfort. “Take it to the Lord in prayer.” I was taking a service once when I said: “Why pray when you can worry,” and everyone burst out laughing.

9. Softly and tenderly – Altar of Praise Chorale

This song takes me way back to my teenage years. Jesus is still knocking at your heart’s door. Let Him in!

10. For those tears I died – Lebanon County Youth Chorus

I had a record of Pat Boone singing this song, then later I heard a couple sing it in a church service, and it feels so special.

11. It is well with my soul
– Mennonite Hour Men’s Chorus

I heard somewhere that the guy who wrote the song had lost his family at sea when the ship sank, so he wrote the words: “When sorrow like sea billows roll.” He says how his sins were nailed to the cross. In the Bible Paul says something about that. I think it is in Colossians.

12. Great is Thy faithfulness – Blue Rock Mennonite Youth

Such a comfort.

13. Higher ground – The Smucker Family

I love this song. When I sing it, I sing a few different words, and with a rock beat, but it is such a blessing.

14. I will sing the wondrous story – Antrim Mennonite choir

This one reminds me of my mother singing.

15. Beyond the sunset – Brothers in Hymn

This was written by a blind lady.

16. Amazing love (And can it be) – Altar of Praise Chorale

This song makes me think of a Methodist guy who used to sometimes come to our meetings.

17. Are you washed in the blood – Antrim Mennonite Choir

I grew up singing this hymn in church.

18. Blessed Assurance – Harpeth Gospel Quartet

This makes me think of Billy Graham.

19. Abide with me – Antrim Mennonite Choir

I have had such a blessing singing along with all these old hymns, with such beautiful pictures. Thank you.

20. The sweet by and by – The Mennonite Singers

Another old favorite from my childhood.

21. My God and I – His Image Singers

I first heard this song by John Hitchcock singing and playing the piano.

22. At Calvary – Adoration Ensemble

This song was running through my mind when we were in the Garden Tomb area looking over at Golgotha.

23. Yes, I know – The Mountain Anthems

A very beautiful song. I could only remember the chorus. Thank you. Jesus’ blood can make the vilest sinner clean. I was singing once at a tent meeting, and these words came out my mouth: “There could even be a murderer here tonight, but God wants to save you.” I was shocked at myself saying that, and wished I could swallow back the words. After the pastor preached, he gave an invitation for salvation, and some people responded. Then be called me over, and showed me a man who had come out. He said he was one of a gang of three that had broken into a store. One of them had killed the night watchman. The police came and caught the other two. One got hanged, and the other one got 20 years in prison. He had two bullets in his legs, but was too afraid to go to the hospital. His wife had left him, and he had two small children to look after. But God had his number.

24. ‘Tis so sweet to trust in Jesus – Altar of Praise Men’s Chorale

Lovely song.

25. My Jesus I love Thee – The Sharon Singers

I seem to recall a verse that goes like this:

I’ll love Thee in life, I’ll love Thee in death,

And I’ll paise Thee as long as Thou lendest me breath.

And then til the death dew lies cold on my brow,

If ever I loved Thee, my Jesus ’tis now.

26. Rock of Ages – Antrim Mennonite Choir

Jesus is the rock.

27. Nearer my God to Thee – The Sharon Mennonite Singers

They say that this was the song they were playing when the Titanic went down.

28. The Lily of the valley – The Friends in Faith Quartet

This takes me way back to my childhood, but I think there is verse missing here.

29. Who am I – The Altar of Praise Chorale

I think I first heard this song by Jimmy Swaggart. Thank you for posting all these lovely songs, with such beautiful pictures. I wish I had some of these photos for my songs! Maybe one day I’ll get a camera and travel the world taking shots of the scenery. God bless you all.

30. Sweet hour of prayer

This song blessed me so much recently, so I am adding it on. There are such beautiful photos of scenery, and I imaging walking around there praying. Jesus prayed in a garden, and at other times in a deserted area, or on a mountain. I also have a gospel website, if you would like to check it out, go to: Country Gospel and Bible