Blue eyes crying in the rain – one of my favorite love songs

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Blue eyes crying in the rain is one of my favorite love songs, sung here by many different singers around the world. I hope you find some of your favorite singers. Sorry I haven’t listed all of them, but I got tired. I will start with the ladies first.

1. Patricia Romania

I think this lady is from Brazil.

2. Olivia Newton-John

From Australia.

3. Shania Twain and Willie Nelson

4. Heidi Hauge

From Norway.

5. Kitten

From New Zealand.

6. Vanny Bourne

7. Emmylou Harris and Roy Acuff

8. Loretta Lynn and Conway Twitty

9. Louise Morrisey

This is an Irish lady singing Blue eyes crying in the rain.

10. Lulu Belle and Scot Wiseman

11. Virginia Lee and Slim Whitman

Virginia Lee was from South Africa.

12. Willie Nelson

Willie Nelson made Blue eyes crying in the rain a big hit in the USA.

13. Elvis Presley

14. Vince Gill

15. Slim Whitman

16. Charley Pride

17. Foster and Allen

Some more Irish singer singing Blue eyes crying in the rain.

18. Roy Acuff

This is the original singer of the song.

19. Ray Dylan

I think this good looking chap is from Holland.

20. UB40

It looks like these folks are from Hawaii.

21. Ferlin Husky

22. Daniel O’Donnell

A famous singer from Ireland. It is amazing how favorite love songs go all around the world.

23. Chet Atkins

24. Bjøro Håland

A singer from Norway.

25. Floyd Cramer

26. Sons of the Pioneers

27. Hank Williams

28. Dwight Yoakam – Willie Nelson tribute

29. George Canyon

30. Hendry Sahilatua and old friends

I think these folks are from Jakarta.

31. Oscar Rexhauser

A singer from Holland.

32. The Mavericks

33. Slim Whitman and Byron and Whitman – Blue eyes crying in the rain.- one of my favorite love songs

34. Fred Rose – Songwriters hall of fame

I was curious about the writer of this song, and you can see his picture here.

35. Fred Rose – American songwriter

I admire good songwriters, and you can read his history here.
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