Elvis Presley – Variety Songs

Elvis sang a variety of songs about lots of different subjects, and so I would like to share some of my favorites with you.

1. Don’t cry Daddy

This one found a place in my heart many years ago. There is a special bond of love between a parent and a child.

2. Hound Dog “live” on the Milton Berle TV Show

I love this “live” version of the song. I love the way he moves. I have a video of this, but on this clip it gives so much more. It is very funny.

3. Jailhouse Rock

The song that changed my life.

4. Mean Woman Blues – movie

In the movie he ends up in a fight.

5. Got a lot of livin’ to do – movie

He was so full of life.

6. Let’s have a party – movie

I have all these movies on video.

7. Promised Land (California)

This one has such a nice driving beat.

8. Guitar Man –
Elvis Variety Songs

It is very hard to make a living playing guitar, and this songs brings it out. Written by Jerry Reed (of Smokey and the Bandit).

9. In the Ghetto

A Mac Davis song about the problems in society. It don’t look like people will ever be able to get everything right in this world.

10. Welcome to my world – photos of Graceland

These pictures of Graceland mean so much to me, that for a long time I have been meaning to put them on here. It makes me feel so close to Elvis, as my memory goes back all those years to when I was there. It feels like home!

11. Tour of Graceland 2009

I have enjoyed going through this tour too. Hope you like it.

12. Welcome to Graceland

I love the aerial view, and the picture of the music gates with the house in the background. So beautiful.

13. Tour of Graceland – Part 1

There is a whole series of these parts, that are fascinating. A treasure for those who love Elvis.

14. That’s alright Mama

This is a ‘live’ recording at the Louisiana Hayride. It feels exciting to me.

15. Blue suede shoes

‘Live’ on a ship on the Milton Berle Show. The real thing!

16. Mystery train

Pictures of trains and girls.

17. Green green grass of home

Both versions of El and Tom Jones.

18. Old Shep

When I sing this song, in my mind I see the old house where we used to live when I was little. It brings back such lovely memories.

When I was a kid we didn’t have a dog, but we adopted a stray cat. Our friend Tony takes care of lots of stray cats, and here is his link.


19. ‘Live’ in Tupelo 1956

He really wows the crowd.