Beaches and waves

Many times I long to be on tropical beaches and swimming in the waves of the nice warm sea, but not being able to do that, I find the next best thing is to look at places on the computer. So if you are in that position, you too can have a virtual holiday by the sea.

1. Barbados 15 min. (steel drums)

I love the sound of the steel drums playing “Yellow Bird.” There is a small section where people are dancing, but I just fast forward to get to the beautiful beaches, the palm trees, the waves and the cliffs.

2. Durban swimming 5 min

I have been there swimming in the waves. It is nice to hear Dolly Parton singing in the background “Knocking on heaven’s door.”

3. Durban front 2 min

Brings back lots of memories.

4. Durban 3 min

There is no other place like Durbs.

5. Uvongo by the sea 2006 9 min

I used to love going there on holiday, swimming in the waves and relaxing on the beach. They had very nice changing rooms. Everything for free!

6. Uvongo Beach 2008 10 min

I have just enjoyed this and am adding it in.

7. California coast 25 min

I found it nice to see the beaches of California, because I have never been to the sea there.

8. Relaxing music with beaches and waves 2.5 hrs

9. Ocean sounds 4 hrs

10. Tropical 3 hrs

11. California ocean 3 hrs

12. Ocean crashing 3 hrs

13. Ocean at sunset 1 hr

14. Nature sounds and relaxing ocean sounds 1 hr

15. Beautiful Ibiza 2 hrs

16. Beautiful Carribean chillout 2 hrs

17. Beautiful Tahiti chillout 2 hrs

18. Beautiful Seychelles chillout 2 hrs

19. Beautiful Hawaiian chillout 2.5 hrs

20. Beautiful light music 2 hrs

21. Maldives chillout

22. 100 chilled classics

23. Island of escape Fiji 1 hr

24. Hidden Paradise Fiji 90 min

25. Redwood Forest 1 hr

26. Beautiful nature around the world 90 min

27. Nature sounds birds singing 8 hrs

28. Relaxing sounds 1 hr

29. Garden Route Cape to Swazi 22 min

30. Crashing 1 hr 20 min