Elvis stories

Elvis Presley sings lots of my favorite loves songs, but there is always more than just the songs. People are fascinated about his life, his loves, his friends and his family. Here are some stories about him, and I will add some more later.

1. Jerry Schilling – We were there when Elvis met Nixon

Yesterday I was re-watching the fictional movie of how Elvis meets Nixon, and it was still very entertaining. I have watched it many times. Rick Peters acts the part very well. Made in 1997. It is good to hear the true story from Jerry.

2. Vernon shares

3.  EP sings about bald head

Many times he changes the words of songs. On one of my other sites he sings: “You taught me how to milk a cow.” It was supposed to be : “You taught me how to love and now……. you say that we are through.”

4. Ginger – his Fiancee reveals

5. Larry Geller talks about Darlene and EP

Larry was his hairdresser.

6. Larry talks about a half truth can be a lie

7. Larry talks about EP part 1

8. Larry talks about EP part 2

9. Larry – Discover Elvis’ spiritual journey

10. EP’s granddaughter

11. Ronnie McDowell – reflections of a king

I noticed yesterday that it was Ronnie McDowell who was singing on the movie: Elvis meets Nixon.

12. EP cartoon – heaven’s gate

13. Anita Wood – Why she broke up with him

14. Anita – the day his mother died

15. Why Gladys was so depressed

She had a dream of fire around Elvis – their car had caught on fire that same night. She hated his success – she had to share him with others. She wanted to be poor again. Elvis had a premonition the night she died. “She’s all I ever lived for.” Grave photo – Star of David and a Cross.

16. Linda Thompson Part 1

17. Linda Thompson Part 2

18. Linda Thompson Part 3

19. Linda Thompson Part 4

20. Linda Thompson Part 5

21. Linda Thompson Part 6

22. Gillian Welsh – EP Blues

23. EP phone call with Red West – October 1976

24. Interview with Red West

25. EP movie list

26. The death of Judy Tyler (Jailhouse Rock)

27. A story of how EP fooled the world – with his fake death

28. I can’t help it – with Anita Wood 1958 – home recording

29. Anita Wood – “I’ll wait forever” – photos of army induction 1958

30. Anita Wood talks about the letter from Pricilla wanting to come from Germany

31. What Vernon and Dee did to EP

32.Anita Wood and EP – home movies

33. Some of EP’s other children

34. Joe Esposito remembers

Joe remembers his good buddy and employer. Very interesting.

35. Annette Wolf talks about the Elvis CBS TV concert special

36. Memories of the king

37. When God calls me home

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