White silver sands – a favorite love song

The first time I heard the song “White silver sands” was at a friend’s house in Bulawayo, when I was a teenager.  It was on a record by Bill Blacks Combo. So I never heard any words, but the music and the title gripped my interest. Now with the internet, we have access to so many songs, and this has become one of my favorite love songs. The version I like the most is by Don Rondo. I never heard of him when I was growing up, because I didn’t grow up in America. However, some people have made such lovely videos of his version, with all the waves and kissing, etc. So, I hope the song makes you happy. I long to be by the sea again, and listening to songs like this gives me a lot of joy. A long time ago we were at a beach near Pensacola, and the sand was whiter than any beach I have ever seen.

  1. Ace Cannon
  2. The Bandits
  3. Bill Black’s Combo
  4. Bo Diddley
  5. Bobby Vee
  6. Brenda Lee
  7. Carol Lee Cooper
  8. Chet Atkins
  9. Dancing
  10. Dave Gardner
  11. Dean Rosko
  12. Don Gibson
  13. Don Ho
  14. Don Lang
  15. Don Rondo – good visuals – waves, etc
  16. Don Rondo – Lots of kisses
  17. Don Rondo – Sunset kiss
  18. Ernest Tubb – waves etc – good visuals
  19. Floyd Cramer
  20. 4 Preps
  21. Gerry Grant
  22. Glen Campbell
  23. Hank Snow
  24. Jerry Byrd
  25. Jerry Jaye
  26. Jimmy Dean
  27. Jimmy Sturr
  28. Katie Webster
  29. Kenny Price
  30. King Louie and his South Sea Islanders
  31. Lennon Sisters
  32. Nashville String Band
  33. Owen Bradley
  34. Pat Boone
  35. Paul Blissett
  36. Q – Tees
  37. Ray Conniff
  38. Ronnie Dove
  39. Scrubbin’ an’ Pickin’
  40. Sleepy LaBeef
  41. Slim Whitman
  42. Sonny James
  43. Tex Williams
  44. The Ventures
  45. Willie Mitchell
  46. Winston James and The Hot Rod All-Stars
  47. Well folks, that’s all the singers I could find singing “White silver sands.” Although I have never sung this song in public yet, sometime in the future I can dream of singing it as one of my favorite love songs. Lots of the famous American singers also sing gospel songs, and I would like to invite you to check out one of my gospel websites: country gospel and bible.