Favorite Love Songs by Johnny Rivers

1. Memphis Tennessee – My favorite love song by Johnny Rivers

This was a hit song when I was young, and still is one of my most favorite love songs. I really dig that guitar playing, and the ‘live’ audience participation. I wish I could play guitar like Johnny Rivers.

2. I washed my hands in muddy water

Unfortunately this is kind of a bad song about robbing and ending up in jail, but I love that type of music and beat. I have a record of Charlie Rich doing this number.

3. Secret Agent Man

This is a James Bond type of song that was very popular back in the old days. “A pretty face can hide an evil mind.” Johnny Rivers hits the nail on the head with this one.

4. Where have all the flowers gone

When we were teenagers, my brother and I went on holiday to Margate, and we heard a band there sing this number. They sang a lot of requests, so this must be somebody’s favorite love song. I don’t like war, and this number points that out.

5. 500 miles

When we were teenagers, we did a lot of hitch hiking. Then later in life I did a lot of traveling around the world, so I can relate very strongly with the feeling of being a long way from home. So this is a favorite love song for that family feeling.

6. Midnight Special

This is something about being in prison. I don’t know if Johnny Rivers was ever in prison, but he sings about it.

7. Mountain of love

I guess this must be one of Johnny Rivers favorite love songs.

8. You’ve lost that loving feeling

It is so sad when people lose their loving feeling. I think I heard this one before by the Righteous Brothers.

9. Baby I need you loving

Everybody needs to be loved.

10. Poor side of town

I grew up poor, and I can relate to this feeling.

11. Stand by me

It is tough being alone, and no man is complete without a woman.

12. When a man loves a woman

Most fights seem to be over women.

13. Baby come back

This is a real swinger.

14. Sea of heartbreak

Takes me back to my teenage years. I first heard this one in Bulawayo on the radio by Dickie Loader and the Blue Jeans.

15. That’s rock and roll

The teenage years.

16. Six days on the road

I first heard this song when we visited America.

17. Blue suede shoes

I don’t agree with all the words, but it is a lot of good fun.

18. Jesus is a soul man

“He lives in my heart now.”

About a hundred times or more, I have put links to songs on the YouTube, only to find they have later been taken off. Maybe people are uploading pirate copies, or maybe it’s the Pirates of the Caribbean that are taking them. If you see Johnny Depp, please ask him if he has seen the songs!