Buck Owens and Susan Raye

Today I was watching some songs by Buck Owens and Susan Raye, and I enjoyed them so much that I feel I must share some of them with you.

1. We’re gonna get together

I was really struck by the beauty of Susan singing with Buck. There is just such a freshness about her.

2. We were made for each other

This is such a beautiful song. I read that Susan actually married Buck’s drummer, Jerry Wiggins.

3. Love is strange

I have heard this song before somewhere in the distant past, but I don’t know who the singers were.

4. Somewhere between

This is a bit of a sad song, but it is very real.

5. Think of me

This one is more up beat. “Think of me when you’re lonely, think of me when you’re blue.”

6. Falling for you

This is a beautiful love song. The thunder and lightning of falling in love.

7. Looking back to see

You don’t have to have a Cadillac to get the girl of your dreams!

8. Togetherness

“When a lonely boy meets a lonely girl, that’s togetherness.” Such a beautiful song.

9. Fooling around

This song give some wise advice about fooling around.

10. The good old days (are here again)

Unfortunately this song is not “Live” but it is still very nice.