Blue Bayou – a favorite love song

It seems to me, that all over the world, people enjoy love songs. Here is an example of one of my favorite love songs called Blue Bayou. People all over the world are singing it in all different languages.

1. Roy Orbison

I first heard Blue Bayou by Roy Orbison. I am not sure if he wrote it or composed the music.

2. Slim Whitman – Blue Bayou – a favorite love song

I love the pictures on this version. The man who makes the Slim Whitman videos does a real good job.

3. Lynn Anderson

Some beautiful sea scenes.

4. Linda Ronstadt

Linda sings it real good.

5. Lisa del Bo

6. Paola

I think this is in German.

7. Helen Cornelius

Nashville cats!

8. Lawrence Welk

9. Martina McBride

10. Jessy Triplett

11. The Black Wings Band

12. Faith Ako

13. Semino Rossi

I am not sure what language he is singing, but the video is so beautifully done.

14. Memphis Ukulele Band

15. Cox Family with Alison Krauss

16. Andy Tielman

17. The Mavericks

18. Pretty Girl

I don’t know her name, so I have just called her Pretty Girl.

19. Plain Folks

20. Bertie Higgins

21. Anika Moa

I admire the way this girl just keeps singing Blue Bayou, even though the audience is heckling her.

22. Jimmy Ellis “Orion”

This guy sounds a lot like Elvis.

23. Jill Burke

24. Luz Rios

25. Deborah Sasson

26. Norma MacDonald

27. Piet Veerman

28. Andrea Corr

29. Teresa

30. Robi Kahakalau

31. Mireille Mathieu

32. Harmonica

33. Engelbert Humperdinck (tradução)

He sings in English with subtitles in another language.

34. Lago azul – Linda Ronstadt

I think this is in Spanish.

As time goes by I will probably do more favorite love songs like Blue Bayou, featuring people we have never heard of before, and I hope it gives them more visibility around the world.