Elvis “live”

This morning I was listening to some of these old “live” performances of Elvis, and enjoyed them very much. Hence I am sharing them with you. There is something about his singing and his energy that inspired me to start singing when I was young.

1. Elvis “live” 1955 – Louisiana Hayride – The Spirit of Elvis (35 minutes)

2. Elvis “live” in Tupelo 1956 (13 minutes)

He receives a “key” to the city.

3. Elvis “live” Mississippi – Alabama Fair 1956 (28 minutes)

Some things are different in these two videos, so that is why I have shared both of them.

4. Elvis “live” @ The Sun Session 1956  (56 minutes) (40 seconds are muted at 8.00 for copyright issues)

When I was at The Sun Studio back in 1983, all that was there was an old beat-up piano. From what I see on the internet, it is now a fancy tourist attraction. I was interested to hear him singing “You belong to my heart.” I can’t remember hearing him sing that song before. It is one of my favorite love songs from the old days by Ned Miller.

I just thought I would share a bit today, then later on I will probably add on more video links. Yesterday I was looking through my Elvis songbook, and he still sings many of my favorite love songs.