The Beatles

The Beatles sing some of my favourite love songs. I enjoy seeing them perform “live,” so I have got some links to their “live” concerts.

1. The Beatles and Larry KIng (part 3)

The other day I was looking through some old videos, and I came across Larry King talking to Paul and Ringo, and it did something for me. It was so nice hearing them chat about things.

2. Larry King (part 4)

On this section, Larry asks them why they are still playing when they don’t need the money. They point out that they enjoy singing and playing, that’s what they do. That helped me a lot. Everybody’s gotta do what they enjoy doing.

3. In Japan 1966

This is one of their nicest recordings in full color. Paul just had a little trouble with the microphone turning all the time. About 30 minutes.

4. Arriving in America 1964

Ringo talks about this with Larry King.

5. Washington USA 1964

This is in black and white. I am shocked that they don’t have a boom mike for Ringo. There are some problems with the mike sound too. It is interesting to see how the Beatles handle the problems.

6. Melbourne Australia (part 1)

These are nice recordings in black and white.

7. Melbourne (part 2)

The middle of the show.

8. Melbourne (part 3)

I find it exciting to see the exciement of the crowd.

9. Liverpool 1963

This is a TV show done in a theatre. The Beatles really get these girls excited.