Favorite Love Songs by Ray Stevens

I find Ray Stevens to be a very funny guy. Here are some funny songs, and also some favorite love songs.

1. Taylor Swift is stalking me

I wonder what Taylor Swift thinks of this song. I hope she doesn’t sue him.

2. The Mississippi squirrel revival

This is one of his crazy songs.

3. Gitarzan

A friend had this record back in the sixties. I guess you could classify this as a favorite love song between him and Jane.

4. The Pirate song

I thought this was going to be about Johnny Depp.

5. The Haircut song

Ray Stevens has a wild imagination.

6. Grandpa voted Democrat

I have heard of Mugabe having votes from people who were dead.

7. The Global Warming song

8. Throw the bums out

9. Come to the USA

My plan was to get into the USA, but it didn’t work out.

10. I’m my own grandpa

11. God save Arizona

Things are serious in the States.

12. I saw Elvis in a UFO

I enjoyed this song.

13. The camping trip

What a disaster.

14. Along came Jones

15. Obama budget plan

This is actually very serious stuff he is dealing with.

16. Obama nation


17. If 10% is good enough for Jesus

The tax people want too much. After this we are coming to the favorite love songs.

18. Unchained melody

Ray Stevens can actually sing a serious favorite love song, without goofing off.

19. Help me make it through the night

I found it very funny when he sang: “Time goes by so slowly,” and there was a sign saying: “Jail.”

20. Everything is beautiful

Jesus loves the little children.

21. Crazy – Ray Stevens singing a favorite love song

Here is a tribute to Patsy Cline.

22. Power tools

Another disaster. He should team up with Mr. Bean!

23. Turn your radio on

In country music, it is a tradition to end with a gospel song, so this is Ray Stevens doing the honor.