Linda Lou Schriver – Favorite love songs

Many years ago when I did Taxi driving in the Niagara area, I used to listen to the classic country radio station out of Buffalo, New York. Linda Lou Schriver’s daddy used to do programs on the air there, but he has since passed away, so I would like to feature Linda Lou and her family. I also saw them on WNED-TV promoting the country music of Nashville, Tennessee. Last week I discovered they are now “Live streaming” on the internet at their radio station WXRL on the air. Many years ago I enjoyed listening to the ‘Old Country Church’ on monday 7-8 pm (Eastern Standard time in the USA).

  1. Linda Lou and The Ramblin’ Lou Family Band – 46 minutes “live” – Featuring songs like: Rollin’ in my sweet Baby’s arms, O lonesome me, Folsom Prison Blues, Silver threads and golden needles, I’ll always love you, Blue suede shoes, Beverley Hillbillies song, Daddy’s hands, Take me home country roads, Working man blues, etc. They sing a lot of my favorite love songs here!
  2. Cowboy cute and Cowgirl crazy
  3. Didn’t I
  4. Don’t you need someone
  5. Gone with the wind
  6. Good morning and goodbye blues
  7. I’ll be home for Christ’s birth
  8. It ain’t that way
  9. Treat me like a lady
  10. Linda Lou and The Ramblin’ Lou Family Band – What’s going on
  11. Featured on a tribute to her dad – Ramblin’ Lou
  12. Lynn Carol Schriver – Tell me what is wrong (and I’ll help you make it right)
  13. Lynn Carol Schriver – There you go again
  14. Lynn Carol Schriver – A faster train
  15. Ramblin’ Lou and his Twin Mountaineers – Radio Station SAVED (1951) It is nice to hear Ramblin’ Lou singing this good old country gospel song. Beloved, the most important thing in the whole world is to be saved. Eternity is forever, and there are only two places to go. Jesus said: He that believeth and is baptized shall be saved. (Mark16:16) I also have a country gospel website if you would like to visit it: Country gospel and bible.

The most popular songs each month in the world from 1950 to 2021

I have found it fascinating listening to a few seconds of each of the most popular songs in the world each month from 1950 to 2021. They say it might not be exactly accurate because of all the different countries, etc, but I find it very interesting. It is like looking at the story of my life, as I associate different periods of my life with the songs I have heard.

  1. Most popular song each month in the 50’s (26 minutes)

2. Most popular song each month in the 60’s (26 minutes)

3. Most popular song each month in the 70’s (13 minutes)

4. Most popular song each month in the 80’s (13 minutes)

5. Most popular song each month in the 90’s (13 minutes)

6. Most popular song each month from 2000 – 2009 (13 minutes)

7. Most popular song each month from Jan 2012 – Jan 2021 (11 minutes)

When I was a preteen, the Elvis Presley songs had a big influence on my life, then as a teenager I got hooked on the Jim Reeves songs. When I was twenty, I was forced to do military training in my home country, and I was shocked at how the people used the name of Jesus Christ in their language, so I quit pop singing and switched to gospel singing. If you are interested, I have a website where I promote gospel singing: country gospel and bible.