Favorite Love Songs by Red Sovine

1. Phantom 309

I only heard of Red Sovine later in life, because he was not a hit singer where I come from, but I think he is fantastic, and sings some of my favorite love songs.

2. Teddy Bear – My Favorite Love Song by Red Sovine

As I listen again, I feel my eyes glistening with tears. This is the first one I heard by Red Sovine. I was working as an assistant superintendant at an apartment building in Mississauga, and as I worked on something in a lady’s apartment, she had this song playing, and it gripped me.

3. Roses for Mama

A very touching story. I knew a man once that said he wished he had given flowers to his mother while she was alive.

4. Giddy up go

I had tears in my eyes on this one. I love my son so much, so I guess this is one of my favorite love songs by Red Sovine.

5. Bringing Mary home

Some of these numbers border on the supernatural, which I find exciting.

6. Billy’s Christmas wish

There a many people out there that have tremendous needs.

7. Vietnam Deck of Cards

This is the old song from the Second World War that has been adjusted.

8. Little Rosa

I heard this the other week on a country show in color, so I will try and find it there too. A very touching story.

9. Little Joe

A beautiful story about a dog. I started telling my wife just now, and choked up with tears. Yesterday she showed me a story of a baby abandoned at the side of the road in the winter, and a policeman found her. She is now a beautiful teenager.

10. Beyond the Sunset (Should you go first)

Another one of my favorite love songs.

11. The Last Goodbye

Another supernatural number.

12. Little Rosa (in color)

Red Sovine is in the third song on this Country Stars Show, as Webb Pierce opens the song for him.

Favorite love songs can mean many different things to many different people. Sometimes it is about animals, or children, or country, or God, not just about a man and a woman.

13. The king’s last concert (about Elvis Presley)


14. If Jesus came to your house

I don’t know why there a pictures of Elvis with this song. This song meant a lot to me many years ago.

15. Why, Baby, why

Nice music.

16. No one’s too big to cry

Someone wrote that he is the “King of tear jerk country.” I think that’s a nice title.

17. I think I can sleep tonight

I was trying to tell my daughter about this song, and I got so choked up that I couldn’t talk.

18. Twenty one

So many of these numbers bring tears to my eyes. It made me think of how Angelina Jolie’s dad left her when she was little.

19. Are you mine (with Goldie Hill)

Looks like a nice TV show.

20. Daddy

This brought back memories of my dad.

21. Tear stained guitar

My poor old guitar went through a tough time with me.

22. I got religion

My parents were very religious, and brought me up that way.

23. Except the Lord

If the Lord hadn’t helped me, I would have been sunk a long time ago.

24. Is there really a Santa Claus

Another heart touching number.

25. Six days on the road

I used to love being on the road, going from town to town, singing for Jesus. I did it for many years.

Favorite gospel songs by Jimmy Swaggart

Jimmy Swaggart sings a lot of my favorite gospel songs. Back in the mid 60’s a guy in Bulawayo lent me one of his records called: “I’m nearer home,” and wondered if I would like it. Well, I loved it. A few years later I attended the Salisbury Polytechnic to do a survey course, and Pastor Marks lent me 4 of his records. They were such a blessing to me. When I came back to my room, the Beatles would be blaring from one room, and the Rolling Stones from another, and I would go into my room and put on Jimmy Swaggart. It was like heaven came down, and glory filled my soul.

In 1970, I went into the ministry as a gospel singer, showing religious movies. In Durban we went to one of Evangelist Arthur Nippers meetings. He sold Jimmy Swaggart records, and I bought 10 singing records, and he persuaded me to buy 2 preaching ones. These records were such a blessing to me. I played them over and over again for hours, just soaking in the presence of the Lord.

1. I’ve never loved Him better than today – One of my favorite gospel songs by Jimmy Swaggart

I love the fast songs on his early records.

2. God took away my yesterdays

This was the second record..

3. Some Golden Daybreak

This was the first record.

4. In the shelter of His arms

I seem to remember a picture of him standing outside a stone church building. When I would listen to the record, I imagined myself sitting inside just basking in the presence of the Lord.

5. At an altar of prayer

I seem to remember a family picture, with his wife and little boy.

6. The last mile of the way

Last night I was singing this song to myself, which inspired me to do this section.

7. You don’t need to understand

This song is such a comfort.

8. There is a river

This record was a tremendous blessing to me. Thank you.

9. He touched me

I recall this song being on a record where he had the open Bible in front of him. The title was: “Someone to care.”

10. When I get to the end of the way

Another nice song.

11. I’ve never been this homesick before

I first heard this song on his record when I was having meetings with Pastor Eldon King in Arkansas in 1983. I loved this song so much, as I was so homesick for South Africa.

12. He brought me out of the miry clay

All of us sinners are saved through faith in Jesus Christ, and his shed blood on the cross of Calvary.

13. Jesus, just the mention of your name

The credits say this song was written by Mike Murdock. Wow.

14. He chose me

We have a tape of Pastor Johannes Minnie of Port Elizabeth singing this song. He is a big fan of Jimmy Swaggart, so I am guessing that that is where he heard it.

15. Jesus will outshine them all

I had this LP when we lived in South Africa.

16. His hand in mine

I had an this record, plus one of Elvis singing the same song.

17. Remind me

This song was a tremendous blessing to me, and I often sang it at meetings. Years later I heard of Dottie Rambo, who wrote it.

18. If that isn’t love

This is one of my favorite gospel songs.

19. Wasted years

I have often sang this song too.

20. Glory, glory, hallelujah, since I laid my burdens down

The other night I was singing in my room, and after I had sung this song, I ended up on my knees by my bed. I feel such an anointing on this song, and such a presence of the Lord when I sing it.

21. Will the circle be unbroken

Pastor Nipper sold me this preaching record and another one. I wasn’t much into listening to preaching, so I hadn’t listened to it. One day I was singing at a church, and a guy asked me if I had this record. I said yes, and he drove a long way back to the Concord Mission Home to buy it from me, and went away rejoicing. This shocked me, so I decided to listen to the other record. It was called: “What shall the end be.” When I finished listening it, I was on my knees next to the record player. Some years later I had some meetings with a minister who had this record, so I was listening to it in his living room, when his wife walked in. I felt such a fool. There I was crying, with tears running down my cheeks.

22. A crown of thorns

Jesus suffered so much for our salvation. If we reject him, we have no hope of eternal life. I had this record, and I wish I had the song: “Down the sawdust trail.”

23. Jesus use me

That is my prayer.

24. He washed my eyes with tears

“I saw the blood he spilt upon the sands.”

25. This is just what heaven means to me

To be reunited with loved ones, and see Jesus.

26. I know the Lord will make a way for me


27. Jesus is the sweetest name I know

This chorus takes me way back to my childhood years, when I sang it over and over again in my mind.

28. Railway to heaven

An old favorite gospel song.

29. Where the roses never fade

Some people that have been to heaven and back say that the grass is singing all the time. Everything is alive and singing.

30. No one ever cared for me like Jesus

Another old favorite gospel song.

31. Build my mansion

One lady that went to heaven said that for each soul you save, you get one brick towards your mansion.

32. At the crossing

I was so blessed by this song. I love it when people put pictures that tell the story about the song. Very beautiful.

33. This is like heaven to me

This goes way back.

34. I shall not be moved

We need to be like the tree by the water. The water is the Holy Spirit.

35. King Jesus

When we were near the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem looking over at the Golden Gate, we were singing this song. Then a Muslim soldier with a rifle came and told us that we cannot sing that song here.

36. Friendship with Jesus

This is just piano. He plays the piano so good, just like David with his harp. The anointing flows through the fingers.

37. How Great Thou Art

The greatest worship song.

38. How long has it been

God wants us to talk to Him and worship Him.

39. I’ll never be lonely again

An old favorite. In the Bible it says the the Lord puts the lonely into families. God doesn’t want anyone to be lonely.

40. Peace in the valley

Peace in the midst of the storm. Like the dove in the hole in the cliff by the sea, where the storm is raging, and the waves are crashing, but the little dove sits there peacefully.

41. Farther along

When my little sister was small, she thought we were singing about Dad.

42. I’d rather have Jesus

I think this was written by George Beverly Shea, who sang at the Billy Graham meetings.

43. Now I have everything

I first heard this by James Blackwood.

44. One more valley

One more trial. Sometimes people buckle under trials. I think of the two nuns who committed suicde one day before the money came in. If they had waited just one more day, they would have had plenty of money. The whole story is on my other website: favourite-love-songs.com

45. Gone

I have been to the empty tomb too. He has gone! Praise the Lord.

46. Got any rivers

We sang this song many times in churches when I was a teenager. It was a very popular faith chorus.

47. Jesus on the mainline

I played this one a couple of times, and danced around the room. When we first visited America in 1976, we were at a church that danced for about an hour in every service, and this is one of the choruses they used to sing.

48. In the sweet bye and bye

I was so happy to find this record cover. It took me back so many years when I bought all of Brother Swaggarts records. I used to imagine myself sitting in that church listening to him sing and play the piano.

49. The old rugged cross made the difference

I think I heard this one first by the Gaither Trio. A very holy song.

50. Only believe

This is another chorus that churches often sang during revival services when I was a teenager.

51. Let me touch Him

This is another song I used to sing a lot back in the 70’s. Such a tremendous song, and I would feel such an anointing.

52. Then I met the Master

That is the most important decision in

53. God on the mountain – Cowboy Cumbia

I found it so funny when Brother Jimmy Lee takes his cowboy hat, then puts it on, and says he always wanted to take on the devil at Dodge City.

54. One more river to cross – Young Singers

I had a record of the Singing Rambos singing this one. I think it was written by Bud Chambers. When we had meetings in Arkansas, we used to change the words. “One more river to cross, one more mountain to climb, one more valley that I gotta go through, leava that skunkie behind.” Those skunks on the road had such a bad smell!

55. Through it all

This is one of my wife’s favorite songs. Very good words.

56. Our Lord is coming back to earth again

Come Lord Jesus.

57. Look for me

I looked up this song. If I can remember correctly, it was written by Rusty Goodman, who passed away.

58. I know who holds tomorrow

I know who holds my trembling hand.

Some songs I had have been taken off. About a hundred times or more, I have put links to songs on the YouTube, only to find they have later been taken off. Maybe people are uploading pirate copies, or maybe it’s the Pirates of the Caribbean that are taking them. If you see Johnny Depp, please ask him if he has seen the songs!

I have MORE Jimmy Swaggart songs on my gospel site:  http://countrygospelandbible.com/

Favorite Love Songs by Johnny Rivers

1. Memphis Tennessee – My favorite love song by Johnny Rivers

This was a hit song when I was young, and still is one of my most favorite love songs. I really dig that guitar playing, and the ‘live’ audience participation. I wish I could play guitar like Johnny Rivers.

2. I washed my hands in muddy water

Unfortunately this is kind of a bad song about robbing and ending up in jail, but I love that type of music and beat. I have a record of Charlie Rich doing this number.

3. Secret Agent Man

This is a James Bond type of song that was very popular back in the old days. “A pretty face can hide an evil mind.” Johnny Rivers hits the nail on the head with this one.

4. Where have all the flowers gone

When we were teenagers, my brother and I went on holiday to Margate, and we heard a band there sing this number. They sang a lot of requests, so this must be somebody’s favorite love song. I don’t like war, and this number points that out.

5. 500 miles

When we were teenagers, we did a lot of hitch hiking. Then later in life I did a lot of traveling around the world, so I can relate very strongly with the feeling of being a long way from home. So this is a favorite love song for that family feeling.

6. Midnight Special

This is something about being in prison. I don’t know if Johnny Rivers was ever in prison, but he sings about it.

7. Mountain of love

I guess this must be one of Johnny Rivers favorite love songs.

8. You’ve lost that loving feeling

It is so sad when people lose their loving feeling. I think I heard this one before by the Righteous Brothers.

9. Baby I need you loving

Everybody needs to be loved.

10. Poor side of town

I grew up poor, and I can relate to this feeling.

11. Stand by me

It is tough being alone, and no man is complete without a woman.

12. When a man loves a woman

Most fights seem to be over women.

13. Baby come back

This is a real swinger.

14. Sea of heartbreak

Takes me back to my teenage years. I first heard this one in Bulawayo on the radio by Dickie Loader and the Blue Jeans.

15. That’s rock and roll

The teenage years.

16. Six days on the road

I first heard this song when we visited America.

17. Blue suede shoes

I don’t agree with all the words, but it is a lot of good fun.

18. Jesus is a soul man

“He lives in my heart now.”

About a hundred times or more, I have put links to songs on the YouTube, only to find they have later been taken off. Maybe people are uploading pirate copies, or maybe it’s the Pirates of the Caribbean that are taking them. If you see Johnny Depp, please ask him if he has seen the songs!

Cliff Richard – Songs of Faith

I grew up with Cliff Richard singing love songs, but he got converted and also sings songs of faith.

1. Just a closer walk with Thee

This is the very first song of faith that I sang at a house meeting. I forgot all the words, but somehow got through it.

2. Why me Lord

Kriss Kristofferson wrote this one.

3. Psalm 23 – Cliff Richard – song of faith

One night I lay in bed and tried to sing this Psalm, so this is what inspired me to do this section. It is such a comfort.

4. Higher Ground

This is one of my favourite hymns, and I was singing it tonight in my room.

5. I wish we’d all been ready

The late Larry Norman sang this one. I think he and Cliff Richard were friends.

6. His Land

We enjoyed being in Israel for 6 days, a long time ago.

7. May the Good Lord bless and keep you

A great old song of faith.

8. Gospel Concert

Cliff Richard ministering in song.

9. Jesus is the answer

I think Andre Crouch wrote this one.

10. How great Thou art

The greatest song of faith, soon after Cliff Richard received Christ as his Saviour.

11. I will follow You

Jesus said: “Follow me, and I will make you fishers of men.”

12. Our Father who art in Heaven

What a fantastic prayer in song, with such an audience, and so many singers and musicians. Wow.

13. Amazing Grace

A great old standard.

14. Jesus

John at the end of the Book of Revelation said: “Even so, come Lord Jesus.”

15. Jesus loves you

He says he wrote this song. Very good!

16. Jesus won’t You come back to earth

The same as an earlier song, but very beautiful pictures.

17. You and me and Jesus

The love triangle!

18. Flesh and blood

Sharing and singing at a Billy Graham meeting.

I also have a Gospel web site. If you want to check it out, go to:  http://countrygospelandbible.com/

Elvis Presley – favorite sad love songs

Sometimes bad things happen, so here is Elvis Presley singing some of my favorite sad love songs.

1. You gave me a mountain – my favorite sad song by Elvis Presley

I heard a radio announcer in Buffalo say how much this favorite sad love song meant to him when his wife left him, and he couldn’t see his children again. I read a book of Alec Baldwin having the same trouble – he couldn’t see his daughter.

2. It keeps right on a hurting

I have heard this sad love song on the radio by another singer. I guess we all go through hurting times. One of my favorites.

3. After loving you

I think I heard Jim Reeves sing this one.

4. I’ll remember you

Nice pics of El and Priscilla when they were together.

5. You’ve lost that loving feeling

It is so sad to see good love go bad.

6. You were always on my mind

So often we take people for granted, but everyone has feelings.

7. Softly as I leave you

A very touching story.

8. For the good times

Yes, we must always concentrate on the good times.

9. Blue eyes crying in the rain

I really enjoyed listening to this one. Nice piano.

10. Blue Spanish Eyes

Such a lovely song that I heard before by Al Martino.

11. I forgot to remember to forget

A very beautiful song.

12. I’m left, you’re right, she’s gone

I heard this when I was young, and still love it.

13. You don’t know me

I love seeing those palm leaves. We had this song on the Clambake movie when we were in South Africa.

Favorite Vacation Songs

1. Seven little girls sitting in the back seat – The Avons

I heard this song by the Clark sisters when we were on vacation at Mac’s Cottages in Margate when we were teenagers, and it brings back so many memories.

2. Like a Tiger

I heard this song at the roller rink in Margate when we were on vacation there. It brings back such happy memories of skating as fast as I could. Wow.

3. Wolverton Mountain

I heard this song as well while we were on vacation as a teenager, and it seemed so exciting.

4. Rock-A-Hula baby – Tim Adams

The Clark sisters had this record by Elvis while we were on vacation, so it also brings back those nice memories of being on holiday by the sea at Mac’s Cottages.

5. African Penny Whistle and Guitar – Nelson Makoka and Solomon Sibiya

One day while on vacation in Margate as a teenager, I saw two Africans walking down the street playing music. One was playing the penny whistle and the other was playing the guitar. It was so beautiful and casual. They weren’t playing for any audience or anything. They were just playing for their own enjoyment. It brings back lasting memories. No fancy bands or “professional” music, but to me it was more beautiful than most other music I have heard.

6. Kokomo – Beach Boys

This is one of those kind of favorite vacation songs that make you want to be on the beach and swim in the sea.

7. Surfer Girl – Beach Boys

How I long to be surfing again!

8. Beyond the sea – Rod Stewart

She waits for me.

9. Surfing USA – Beach Boys

When I first heard this on the radio, it became one of my favorite vacation songs.

10. Beach Boy Blues – Elvis Presley

When Elvis gets in trouble on the Blue Hawaii movie.

11. Sunglasses – Tracy Ullman

So nice to see the beach.

12. Beach blanket bingo

A clip from a movie.

13. Galveston – Inguzz T

An old Glen Campbell song that mentions the sea.

14. Go to Florida – Don Foster

I apologize that my recording is not very good, but it is still one of my favorite vacation songs. This song was originally called: “Go to Durban.”

15. Every day`s a holiday – Don Foster

Another one of my favorite vacation songs. It is based on our holiday in Margate, South Africa, when we were teenagers.

About a hundred times or more, I have put links to songs on the YouTube, only to find they have later been taken off. Maybe people are uploading pirate copies, or maybe it’s the Pirates of the Caribbean that are taking them. If you see Johnny Depp, please ask him if he has seen the songs!

Guy and Ralna – Gospel Songs

One day a week you need to listen to gospel songs to keep your soul on track, so here are Guy and Ralna to help you do that.

1. Do Lord

I also remember singing this gospel song when I was young. The words say: “I took Jesus as my Savior, you take Him too.” If you have never received Jesus as your Savior, I would like to encourage you to do that, because that is the only way to Eternal Life. It looks like Guy and Ralna believe that.

2. Put your hand

Of course this is speaking spiritually. Follow Jesus all the way. I used to sing this gospel song a lot when I first started in the ministry.

3. I saw the light

Jesus said that men love darkness more than light because their deeds are evil. We have to clean up our act. Sing more gospel songs!

4. Guy and Ralna singing a medley of Gospel Songs

We also used to sing Old Time Religion a lot when we were young.

5. What a friend we have in Jesus

Guy and Talna seem to have met this friend, have you? If not, meet Him today on your knees, and ask Him to forgive you all your sins, and to come live in your heart.

6. In the Garden

This is about Mary Magdalene meeting Jesus at the Garden Tomb.

7. Rock of Ages

Paul taught that Jesus is the rock.

8. Away in a manger

Here are Guy and Ralna with their cute little baby girl.

9. All His children

We can become his children by receiving Jesus as our Saviour. “As many as received him, to them gave he power to become the sons of God, even to them that believe on his name.” John 1;12.

10. Footprints in the sand

A very lovely song.

11. Footprints (different pictures)

Beautiful pictures. Jesus said He will never leave us.

12. How great Thou art

One of the greatest worship songs ever. Jesus said that God wants people to worship Him. Why not try worshiping Him today.

Extra bonus

13. Lawrence Welk Singers – songs of faith

About a hundred times or more, I have put links to songs on the YouTube, only to find they have later been taken off. Maybe people are uploading pirate copies, or maybe it’s the Pirates of the Caribbean that are taking them. If you see Johnny Depp, please ask him if he has seen the songs!

I also have a Gospel web site. If you want to check it out, go to:  http://countrygospelandbible.com/