Favorite Love Songs by Johnny Cash

Johnny Cash sings some of my favorite love songs. Maybe you’ll like some of them.

1. The ways of a woman in love

Many years ago someone gave me tape of Johnny Cash’s songs, and it was so nice. This is one of the songs I remember.

2. I guess things happen that way

I first heard this song by Jim Reeves on his “live” recording..

3. I walk the line – “live” medley of 5 songs

I first heard this one by Connie Francis.

4. You are my sunshine

An oldie, but a goodie. I like the way June Carter harmonizes with him.

5. My Favorite Love Song by Johnny Cash – You’re the nearest thing to heaven

To me, this is one of the all time great love songs. Just listen to the words, they are so tremendous.

6. Ballad of a teenage queen

I have just finished reading a book about Elvis called “Are you lonesome tonight?” and he told his girlfriend he was not happy. Fame and success doesn’t always make a person happy. We each need true love.

7. A thing called love

This is one of my all time favorite love songs by Johnny Cash. I remember when I bought the record, I saw a sign saying it was number one in Britain at the time.

8. Jackson

I have the record of them singing this one in Folsom Prison. We visited the place back in 1976.