Buck Owens and Susan Raye

Today I was watching some songs by Buck Owens and Susan Raye, and I enjoyed them so much that I feel I must share some of them with you.

1. We’re gonna get together

I was really struck by the beauty of Susan singing with Buck. There is just such a freshness about her.

2. We were made for each other

This is such a beautiful song. I read that Susan actually married Buck’s drummer, Jerry Wiggins.

3. Love is strange

I have heard this song before somewhere in the distant past, but I don’t know who the singers were.

4. Somewhere between

This is a bit of a sad song, but it is very real.

5. Think of me

This one is more up beat. “Think of me when you’re lonely, think of me when you’re blue.”

6. Falling for you

This is a beautiful love song. The thunder and lightning of falling in love.

7. Looking back to see

You don’t have to have a Cadillac to get the girl of your dreams!

8. Togetherness

“When a lonely boy meets a lonely girl, that’s togetherness.” Such a beautiful song.

9. Fooling around

This song give some wise advice about fooling around.

10. The good old days (are here again)

Unfortunately this song is not “Live” but it is still very nice.


Favorite Love Songs by Dwight Yoakam

Dwight Yoakam sings some of my favorite love songs.  I heard him some years back on the TV, and I thought he was very interesting. I love the way he moves his legs, and moves his guitar, plus the way he wears his hat. His band is very good too, especially the lead guitarist.

1. Guitars and Cadillacs

This is one of my favorite love songs. Last night this song was running in my mind. Check his movements, and the crowd reaction. Truly superb.

2. Turn it on, turn it up, and turn me loose

I love that beat and the lead guitar playing. Dwight Yoakam really knows how to turn them on.

3. Fast as you

Check his leg movements and the crowd reaction. It is really hot. He is so good looking too.

4. Mystery train

This is him on a  “live” tribute show to Elvis Presley.

5. Act naturally

Dwight Yoakam was a big fan of Buck Owens, so here he is doing his song, which the Beatles also covered.

6. Buck’s funeral

It is nice to hear him saying good words about his friend.

7. Crazy little thing called love – One of my favorite love songs by Dwight Yoakam

This is a real good production, with all those crazy girl dancers.

8. Streets of Bakersfield

Here he is singing with Mr. Buck Owens.

9. Little sister

The old Elvis number.

10. North to Alaska – Ring of fire

This is going from cold to hot baby!

11. Cryin’ time

Crying all the way to the bank! This is one of my favorite love songs from way back in the sixties.

12. Honky tonk man

I heard this one when I was young, but I never did the wine drinking thing!.

13. Please, please Baby

I’ll be good – just let me come home!

14. Mama tried

I’ve heard this one on the radio by another singer. The bad side of youth.

15. Old Rugged Cross

After favorite love songs, it’s an old country tradition to end with a gospel song, so here is Dwight Yoakam being a good ole boy.

Thanks for the nice singing and music sir. A little while back I was watching a movie on TV, and I was shocked to recognize him as playing a bad guy, and shooting Jodie Fosters dad.