Carroll Roberson

1. One pair of hands

I was at a friends house when he played Carroll Roberson’s songs, and this section was the result.

2. TV Show 544

I love Carroll Roberson’s western clothes and the old western town, and the whole feel of the setting, plus of course the songs and the music. I grew up loving the old west of America, and the cowboy shows on the TV still appeal to me more than all the rest.

3. Sheltered in the arms of God

This is an oldie but a goodie. Do you feel His arms around you? The other night as I got up to go to the washroom, I was in such terrible pain. I could hardly walk, and had to hang on door knobs and a book self to get there. I was so desperate, that as I sat on the toilet I cried: “Father help me in Jesus’ name.” Suddenly a feeling like a mist went through me from head to toe, and the terrible pain left my body. I was so relieved. It has been a long time since I experienced anything supernatural. It made me realize also that I must refer to God as “Father” in future. That is what Jesus taught us. Hallelujah.

4. Through it all

One of our favorite songs. On the Wikipedia, I read that Carroll Roberson is a famous evangelist and singer, but I only heard about him a couple of weeks ago. So I am sharing this section for people around the world who may never have heard of him before.

5. TV Show 545

Another lovely Arizona setting. Hey, I wish I could be in Arizona. I grew up in a dry country, and that feels more like home to me. Thanks Carroll and Donna for the nice singing.

6. Carroll Roberson – The Way

The words in this song are very touching. There are many people who want to put you down, but Jesus wants to lift you up.

7. He

I had a record of Glen Campbell singing this song, and I notice that Carroll Roberson sings slightly different words. Glen Campbell sang that God will always say: “I forgive.” I never felt comfortable with those words, because it implied that we can do as we please, and God will always forgive. Carroll sing that God has: “The power to forgive.” That sounds better to me.

8. How Great Thou Art

My favorite love song of worship to God the Father, sung so nicely with such beautiful pictures that  inspire me to want to worship. In my travels, whenever I come to a beautiful place that God has created it makes me want to worship the Lord. Some of these pictures bring out that same feeling in me.

9. An evening prayer

The other day I thought I may have hurt someones feelings, so I phoned her and apologized. She said I didn’t hurt her feelings, so I am glad. We need to always try and have everything right between us and God and our fellow human beings. Maybe even with our animals too!

10. How about your heart?

This song digs deep. If other people could see inside what we really think and feel it could be a wake up call for us.

11. Old preacher man

This is done very nicely as in an old western setting. At the moment I am reading a book about an old preacher I knew a long time ago, and it is a great blessing. It is called: “Lions that still roar” by Dr. Don Normand.

12. Where no one stands alone

This is an old favorite song.

13. Just a closer walk with Thee

This was the very first song I sang in church. I memorized 4 verses and the chorus, and when I announced the name of the song, my mind went blank. So I sang the chorus a couple of times, and one verse came to me, then another. After the service one guy said he enjoyed the song, and I confessed I forgot two of the verses. He said he didn’t know. Then it dawned on me that nobody else knew. Years later I used to sing all my own songs, and it didn’t make any difference if I forgot the words, because nobody knew!

14. He’s all that I need

Another nice one.

15. Now I’m living on the mountain

This song blessed me greatly, and I played it over and over again. The music is truly beautiful, and the picture is so lovely.

16. His hand in mine

I first heard this one on an Elvis Presley record. It is such a lovely song.

17. He looked beyond my fault and saw my need

I first heard this one on a Jerry Lee Lewis record.

18. Life’s railway

An old favorite, and each singer adds a new meaning to it.

19. It is no secret

I remember singing this one on TV in Bulawayo back in 1965. All through the years this song goes through my mind.

20. Victory in Jesus

The first time I heard this hymn was in 1976, when we visited the United States of America for the first time. I think it was in a Church of God in West Virginia.

21. Blessed assurance

This hymn makes me think of the Billy Graham meetings.

22. Redeemed how I love to proclaim it

My mother used to sing this hymn.

23. I believe

I heard a pop singer sing this one at the Colloseum in Johannesburg back in the 70’s, and I was surprised at him singing a religious song.

24. Sweet Beulah Land

My wife sings a hymn with the same name, but this one is different. The picture looks like the Golden Gate Bridge.

25. A wayfaring stranger

Peter said we are pilgrims and strangers.

26. If I could live my life over

I guess many of us wish we could live our lives over, and make lots of changes.

27. The man I used to be

The title made me think of a Bill Gaither song. In the Bible it says that if any man be in Christ he is a new creature. Only Jesus can change people.

28. If you don’t have a dream

It made me think of the Bible saying, that without a vision, the people perish.

29. Wilt thou be made whole

Many years ago I prayed for a guy in a wheel chair, and he climbed out of the wheel chair, and pushed it down the street. Then the church leaders wanted to kick me out of the church! When Paul had a similar experience at Lystra, they stoned him! Some thanks!

30. Faith unlocks the door

In the Bible it says that without faith, it is impossible to please God.

31. If I had a dollar

An interesting song. A million dollars could not buy us eternal life, but Jesus offers it to us free of charge.

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My Favorite Love Songs by Willie Nelson

Willie Nelson has written a number of hits, and here are some of my favorite love songs that he sings.

1. Always on my mind

When I saw him singing this number on TV, I was very interested in the way the women were looking at him. I imagine that they were thinking of their own husbands or boyfriends that were giving them a hard time. I remember hearing Willie say that he heard this song on an Elvis record about Separate Ways.

2. Blue skies

I have loved this song from when I heard it in the sixties by Jim Reeves. Last year I heard it on the radio by Mr. Nelson. I grew up in a country where we had blue skies every day. No tornadoes, or floods, or ice and snow!

3. Remember me – when the candle lights are gleaming

This is still one of my all time favorite love songs. Thanks to email I am able in my old age to keep in contact with people I have known from my childhood. We live in a wonderful age of nechnology. I told my daughter that when I was at high school we had pens that you dip in the ink. Ball point pens hadn’t been invented yet. She asked me if the pens had feathers!

4. Good hearted woman

I know a guy whos wife stuck by him for about 30 years until she couldn’t take it anymore. Finding the right partner is not an easy job, and people can change for the better or the worse as time goes by.

5. My Favorite Love Song by Willie Nelson – Blue eyes crying in the rain

I have never heard the background story of this song, but there is hope of meeting your loved one in heaven if you keep the faith. “When we meet again up yonder, we’ll stroll hand in hand again. In a land that knows no parting, blue eyes crying in the rain.”

6. Crazy

This was a hit for Patsy Cline and I hear it on the radio all the time. One line realy touches my heart: “Worry, why should I let myself worry.” I am a worrier by nature, and my wife says I am supposed to be a warrior, not a worrier.

7. Heartbreak Hotel

This is an upbeat version of the Elvis Presley hit. Loneliness can be a very big problem.

8. Hello Walls

The other week on the radio I was hearing Faron Young say that Willie wanted to sell the song to him for $1500. I guess he was short of money at the time. So Faron said he would lend him the money, because he knew it was going to be a big hit. It is hard to make it in the music business.

9. Funny how time slips away

My favorite uncle died last week, and it makes me realize how important time is. I wish I has written to him more and sent him more of my songs.

10. Faded Love

Some years back I borrowed a tape from the library, and this number haunted me for weeks. If you love someone, then tell them. Don’t let that love fade.

11. Mamas don’t let your babies grow up to be cowboys

I grew up with lots of cowboy comics. Cowboys were my heroes. The first time we landed at New York airport I looked around to see all the cowboys, and I didn’t see any. I was so disappointed. America was not the same as I imagined. I heard this one comedian who came from Russia, and he felt so welcome when he landed at the airport. He saw a big sign that said “America loves Smirnoff.” He tought America was welcoming him with the sign, because that is his surname (last name).

12. Pretty Paper

This was a hit for Roy Orbison, but it was written by Mr. Nelson. I hear this song many times on the radio around November and December. There are still lots of poor people around.

13. If you’ve got the money Honey

It is funny how he says: “Bring along your Cadillac, I’ll leave my old wreck behind.” There are still some people out there that have got the money!

14. All of me

I have heard this one on the radio, and whoever did the video, did it as a tribute to Marilyn Monroe.

15. Waltz across Texas

I have heard this one on the radio by Ernest Tubb. I don’t know if Willie wrote it or not. Some people’s dream is just to be in Texas.

16. Bridge over troubled waters

Many people have done this song, but I love the way he sings it, and it is so nice to have the words and the beautiful pictures. It is sometimes hard to find a friend that will stick by you when the going gets rough. Many people will pat you on the back when you are successful, but will kick you when you are down.

17. What a difference a day makes

I love the video of the beach with the waves coming in. All my life I have longed to be by the sea, and surf the waves. One day when I win the lottery, I will move to the sea!

18. Uncloudy day

A long time ago I had a record of an American girl group singing this one. From what I have read on the net, Willie Nelson grew up singing in church. Same as me.

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