Favorite love songs by Blake Shelton

The other day I was waiting in the car for my family, changing stations on the radio to save boredom, and I heard the tail end of a song about going to the dentist. I found it was Blake Shelton, so I have added him to my favorite love songs.

1. Some beach

I can relate so much to the things in this song, like the dentist, the parking lot, the man in the electric wheelchair, and the road rage guy. This is now one of my favorite music videos of all time. I love the way he keeps his cool through all the stressful situations.

2. Home

For many years I was a solo singer, and got so lonely.

3. God gave me you

4. You’re the reason God made Oklahoma – with Miranda Lambert

5. Doin’ what she likes

6. Lonely tonight – with Ashley Monroe

7. Honey Bee – My favorite love song video by Blake Shelton

What a guy has to do to try and win a girl’s heart!

8. Austin

This is a favorite love song for many people.

9. Goodbye time

10. The Baby

11. Ol’ Red

This is a very interesting song.

12. Over

Blake Shelton has got many songs on the YouTube, but I am just sharing these ones as my favorite love songs because these are the ones I relate to. I remember seeing Blake Shelton as a judge on the voice TV show, but I had never heard him sing before, as I am more into the old country music.

13. Savior’s shadow