My favorite Love Songs about Guitars

1. Dusty Guitar – Ned Miller

This is my most favorite love song about guitars. I heard this song when I was a teenager, and dreamed of being a star. Although I have never been a star, singing and guitar playing has taken me many places across the world, and I have had a good life. Some of my dreams have come true!

2. Flat Top Box – Rosanne Cash

I saw a show on TV once where she said that when she recorded this song she didn’t know that it was written by her dad, she only found out later. I guess the musical taste runs in the family.

3. Orange Blossom Special – Chet Atkins

They call him `Mister Guitar` because he plays so well. I knew a guy once who copied Chet, and played incredibly well.

4. Johnny B. Goode – Back to the future

I was watching this on TV recently, and it is done so well. When I was a teenager I heard this song, and thought about how he could play the guitar like a ringing a bell. I wish I could play like that!

5. Hawaii Five-O – The Ventures

This was a hit TV show many years ago, and The Ventures were a hit too.

6. Guitar Boogie – The Shadows

I heard this record when I was young, and I so wanted to play like The Shadows. The crowds screaming can do something inside a person that is hard to forget.

7. You belong to my heart – Ned MIller

`We were gathering stars, while a million guitars played our love song.` Those words were burned into my heart as a teenager. It felt so exciting. This is still one of my favorite love songs.

8. Guitar Man – Elvis – One of my Favorite Love Songs about Guitars

It is not easy to be successful. Jerry Reed wrote the song, and he talks about running out of money and luck. I know how it feels, I`ve been there. Fame and fortune can be very elusive.

9. Guitars, Cadillacs – Dwight Yoakam

Guitars and Cadillacs can`t take the place of a good girl. But men want it all!

10. Teardrops on my guitar – Taylor Swift

This song tells the girl side of the story. She is the prettiest girl this side of the Mississippi! How could that guy turn her down?

11. Tear stained guitar – Red Sovine

I just heard this one today, and it fits in with this theme.

12. Gitarzan – Ray Stevens

13. My old guitar and me – Santa Vorster