Michael Bublé

I love watching Michael Bublé on his “live” recordings, and have linked to quite a few on this page.

1. You don’t know me

This song was written by Cindy Walker who wrote songs like Distant Drums and Sweet Dream Baby.

2. The way you look tonight

My mother used to sing this song when I was small.

3. Save the last dance for me

This was a hit song when I was young, but I love the way Michael does it and the audience is so fantastic.

4. Crazy little thing called love

He has a very good stage presence. The people love him.

5. For once in my life

I know Mr. Bublé is doing a copy of another artist, but he does it better!

6. I’ve got you under my skin

I love it when the camera zooms in on the female audience when he sings a love song, and often wonder what goes through the girls minds.

7. Haven’t met you yet

It is hard to keep up with all the news, but I think he has met her now.

8. I’ll be seeing you

This is another oldie, but the words are very true.

9. Michael Bublé – I wish you  love

We wish everyone love. Lets stop all the wars and hate!

10. How sweet it is to be loved by you

I just told my wife “Thank you for loving me.”

11. Daddys little girl

I have a record of Al Martino singing this song.

12. Softly as I leave you

Sometimes it’s hard to say goodbye.

13. Can’t buy me love

He shows the Beatles how it’s done!

14. Baby youve got what it takes

So, I have listed some of my favorite love songs by Michael Bublé, and I hope you enjoy them.

Patti Page

I never heard of Patti Page in my growing up years, but since I have been in North America, I have heard her many times on the radio. So I would like to share some of her favorite love songs with you.

1. Dark Moon

This was a hit song when I was young, but sung by another singer. To me songs about the moon always felt so romantic. It brings back lots of memories.

2. Mocking Bird Hill

I like this version because of the nice pictures. This morning felt so beautiful as I looked out the kitchen window. The birds and the flowers.

3. Old Cape Cod

I have heard this one on the radio before, and I love the pictures of the sea. I sometimes go to Lake Erie, and look at the water, and walk on the beach. To me it is so beautiful.

4. Blue Hawaii

Although I first heard this song by Elvis, I love her version too.

5. Tennessee Waltz – 1984

This is when she is older.

6. Changing Partners

This is a very touching song that I have heard her sing on the radio before.

7. Let me go, Lover

If you have ever had love problems, you may be able to relate to this song.

8. Down the trail of achin’ hearts

Today is the first time I have heard this one, but it is very good.

9. Till we meet again

I have heard this tune before with different words.

10. You don’t know me

I first heard this one by Elvis on one of his movies. I think it was Clambake.

11. One of us (will weep tonight)

This like an old western movie.

12. All my love

How is this for a love song? She was so pretty when she was young.

13. Let me call you sweetheart

Somewhere I have heard this song before, But Patti Page sings it nice.

14. Patti Page – her life story