Favorite Vacation Songs

1. Seven little girls sitting in the back seat – The Avons

I heard this song by the Clark sisters when we were on vacation at Mac’s Cottages in Margate when we were teenagers, and it brings back so many memories.

2. Like a Tiger

I heard this song at the roller rink in Margate when we were on vacation there. It brings back such happy memories of skating as fast as I could. Wow.

3. Wolverton Mountain

I heard this song as well while we were on vacation as a teenager, and it seemed so exciting.

4. Rock-A-Hula baby – Tim Adams

The Clark sisters had this record by Elvis while we were on vacation, so it also brings back those nice memories of being on holiday by the sea at Mac’s Cottages.

5. African Penny Whistle and Guitar – Nelson Makoka and Solomon Sibiya

One day while on vacation in Margate as a teenager, I saw two Africans walking down the street playing music. One was playing the penny whistle and the other was playing the guitar. It was so beautiful and casual. They weren’t playing for any audience or anything. They were just playing for their own enjoyment. It brings back lasting memories. No fancy bands or “professional” music, but to me it was more beautiful than most other music I have heard.

6. Kokomo – Beach Boys

This is one of those kind of favorite vacation songs that make you want to be on the beach and swim in the sea.

7. Surfer Girl – Beach Boys

How I long to be surfing again!

8. Beyond the sea – Rod Stewart

She waits for me.

9. Surfing USA – Beach Boys

When I first heard this on the radio, it became one of my favorite vacation songs.

10. Beach Boy Blues – Elvis Presley

When Elvis gets in trouble on the Blue Hawaii movie.

11. Sunglasses – Tracy Ullman

So nice to see the beach.

12. Beach blanket bingo

A clip from a movie.

13. Galveston – Inguzz T

An old Glen Campbell song that mentions the sea.

14. Go to Florida – Don Foster

I apologize that my recording is not very good, but it is still one of my favorite vacation songs. This song was originally called: “Go to Durban.”

15. Every day`s a holiday – Don Foster

Another one of my favorite vacation songs. It is based on our holiday in Margate, South Africa, when we were teenagers.

About a hundred times or more, I have put links to songs on the YouTube, only to find they have later been taken off. Maybe people are uploading pirate copies, or maybe it’s the Pirates of the Caribbean that are taking them. If you see Johnny Depp, please ask him if he has seen the songs!