Fast Songs

Since I was little, I have always loved fast songs. Here are a few of my favorite love songs, most of which I heard when I was young, which have a driving beat that matches the beat of my old heart.

1. Surfing USA – Beach Boys

2. Promised Land – Elvis Presley

I love that driving beat.

3. Like a Tiger – Fabian

I used to roller skate to this fast song at the roller rink when I was young.

4. Sweet Little Sixteen – Chuck Berry

5. Let’s have a party – Sir Paul McCartney

6. Memphis Tennessee – Johnny Rivers

I still sing this fast song.

7. That’s alright Mama – Sir Paul McCartney

8. I need your love tonight – Elvis Presley

9. Johnny B. Goode – Julian Lennon and Chuck Berry

10. Down the Line – Sir Cliff Richard and the Shadows

11. Such a night- Elvis Presley

I love the way Elvis moves in this fast song.

12. Please don’t tease – Sir Cliff Richard and the Shadows

13. Tutti Frutti – Little Richard

14. Rock and roll music – fast song – The Beatles

I notice that five of the songs were written by Chuck Berry, and the tune of Surfing USA is his too. Wow. Thanks Chuck.