Favorite love songs by Lorne Greene

When I was a teenager I watched Bonanza on TV, and ‘Ringo’ was on the hit parade. Many years later I bought an LP record in Bulawayo of Lorne Greene singing some of these favorite love songs.

1. Bonanza – My favorite love song by Lorne Greene

2. Ringo

When I was a kid I had lots of cowboy comics, so this song really appealed to me.

3. Saga of the Ponderosa

We visited the Ponderosa Ranch when we visited America in 1976, but it was closed for the season, so we took photos from outside.scan0031.rotate44.crop1

4. Pony Express

We saw the movie on TV starring Charlton Heston.

5. An old tin cup

A favorite love song.

6. Don’t fence me in – with Dean Martin

I laugh so much when I watch this. Dean Martin is so funny.

7. Geronimo

8. A gunslinger’s prayer

A very touching story of a man who wants to quit being a gunslinger.

9. Cool water

This was a hit song by another singer when I was a teenager, and we lived in a hot dry country.

10. My sons, my sons

11. Love finds a way

A love song.

12. One solitary life

I heard this song by Johnny Cash, with slightly different words.

13. Darling, my Darling

Another love song.

14. Mule train

15. End of the track

16. Headline news – His death