Elvis Presley – favorite sad love songs

Sometimes bad things happen, so here is Elvis Presley singing some of my favorite sad love songs.

1. You gave me a mountain – my favorite sad song by Elvis Presley

I heard a radio announcer in Buffalo say how much this favorite sad love song meant to him when his wife left him, and he couldn’t see his children again. I read a book of Alec Baldwin having the same trouble – he couldn’t see his daughter.

2. It keeps right on a hurting

I have heard this sad love song on the radio by another singer. I guess we all go through hurting times. One of my favorites.

3. After loving you

I think I heard Jim Reeves sing this one.

4. I’ll remember you

Nice pics of El and Priscilla when they were together.

5. You’ve lost that loving feeling

It is so sad to see good love go bad.

6. You were always on my mind

So often we take people for granted, but everyone has feelings.

7. Softly as I leave you

A very touching story.

8. For the good times

Yes, we must always concentrate on the good times.

9. Blue eyes crying in the rain

I really enjoyed listening to this one. Nice piano.

10. Blue Spanish Eyes

Such a lovely song that I heard before by Al Martino.

11. I forgot to remember to forget

A very beautiful song.

12. I’m left, you’re right, she’s gone

I heard this when I was young, and still love it.

13. You don’t know me

I love seeing those palm leaves. We had this song on the Clambake movie when we were in South Africa.