Favorite love songs by John Denver

I got kind of carried away while looking through favorite love songs by John Denver, and loaded many more songs than ever before by any artist. I remember the first time I ever saw him on TV and he was singing: “You fill up my senses.” I have tried to list the songs in an alphabetical order.

  1. A baby just like you
  2. A country girl in Paris
  3. A little further north
  4. A song for all lovers
  5. Alaska and me
  6. All of my memories
  7. All this joy
  8. America the beautiful
  9. And I love her
  10. And so it goes
  11. Angel from Montgomery
  12. Annie’s song – My favorite love song by John Denver – You fill up my senses.
  13. Anthem – Revelation
  14. Anti-war protest 1971
  15. Around and around
  16. Aspenglow
  17. Autograph
  18. Back home again – I was far from home when I heard this favorite love song by John Denver on the radio, and it felt so special.
  19. Ballad of St. Anne’s Reel
  20. Bells of Rhymney
  21. Berkely woman
  22. Bet on the blues
  23. Blowing in the wind – with Joan Baez
  24. Bread and roses
  25. Calypso
  26. Carolina on my mind – with Tom Jones
  27. Casey’s last ride
  28. Children of the universe
  29. Christmas for cowboys
  30. Christmas like a lullaby
  31. Circus
  32. City of New Orleans
  33. Comin’ thro’ the Rye/Good vibrations – with Karen Carpenter
  34. Cold nights in Canada
  35. Cool and green and shady
  36. Cowboy’s delight – some nice pics. There is something about the wide open spaces, and the sunrise and sunset.
  37. Daddy what’s a train?
  38. Dance little Jean
  39. Dancing with mountains
  40. Darcy Farrow
  41. Dearest Esmeralda
  42. Don’t it make you want to go home – with Glen Campbell
  43. Doris Day Show – Sunshine Medley
  44. Downhill stuff
  45. Dreams
  46. Eagles and horses
  47. Earth day every day
  48. Eclipse
  49. Eighteen holes
  50. Eli’s song
  51. Everyday – when I was young I heard this favorite love song by Mickie Most.
  52. Fall
  53. Falling leaves
  54. Falling out of love
  55. Fire and rain
  56. Fly away
  57. Fly like an eagle – looking for space
  58. Flying for me
  59. Follow me
  60. For you
  61. Forest lawn
  62. Four strong winds
  63. Foxfire suite
  64. Friends with you
  65. From a distance/Voices that care
  66. Goodbye again
  67. Gospel changes
  68. Got my heart set on you
  69. Grandma’s feather bed
  70. Gravel on the ground
  71. Heart to heart
  72. Here, there and everywhere
  73. High flight – joshing with Bob Hope
  74. High, wide and handsome
  75. High wind blowing
  76. Higher ground
  77. Hitchhiker
  78. Homegrown tomatoes
  79. I can’t escape
  80. I’d rather be a cowboy – nice pictures
  81. I guess he’d rather be in Colorado
  82. If ever – beautiful pictures
  83. Imagine
  84. I’m sorry
  85. In my heart
  86. In my life
  87. In the grand way
  88. Islands
  89. Is it love?
  90. Isabel
  91. It amazes me
  92. It makes me giggle
  93. It’s a sin to tell a lie
  94. I’ve been everywhere – with Susan Saint James
  95. I’ve been working on the railroad
  96. I want to live
  97. I wish I knew how it would feel to be free
  98. Jenny dreams of trains
  99. Jimmy Newman
  100. Joseph and Joe
  101. Junk
  102. Late night radio
  103. Leaving on a jet plane – with Cass Elliot. I first heard this song when I went to listen to Four Jacks and a Jill at the large City Hall in Bulawayo. There was a girl group who sang it. It was only many years later that I discovered it was written by John Denver.
  104. Let it be
  105. Let this be a voice
  106. Like a sad song
  107. Love again – with Sylvie Vartan
  108. Love is the master
  109. Love of the common people
  110. Mansion on the hill
  111. Matthew – story behind the song
  112. Molly
  113. Mother nature’s son
  114. Mr. Bojangles
  115. My old man
  116. My sweet lady
  117. Never a doubt
  118. No one
  119. No one like you
  120. Old folks
  121. On the road
  122. On the wings of a dream
  123. On the wings of an eagle
  124. One world (for all of us)
  125. Opposite tables
  126. Paradise
  127. Peace
  128. Pegasus
  129. Perhaps love – beautiful pictures
  130. Please Daddy
  131. Poems, prayers and promises
  132. Ponies
  133. Postcards from Paris
  134. Potter’s wheel
  135. Prisoners
  136. Readjustment blues
  137. Relatively speaking
  138. Rhymes and reasons
  139. Rippling waters
  140. River
  141. River of love
  142. Rocky Mountain high
  143. Rusty green
  144. Sail away home
  145. San Antonio rose
  146. San Francisco Mabel Joy
  147. Saturday night in Toledo, Ohio
  148. Season Suite: Summer
  149. Seasons of the heart
  150. Shanghai breezes
  151. Shipmates and Cheyenne
  152. Singing skies and dancing waters
  153. Sister cities
  154. Some days are diamonds
  155. Song for the life
  156. Song of Wyoming
  157. Southwind
  158. Sticky summer weather
  159. Storms of November
  160. Sunshine on my shoulders
  161. Suzanne
  162. Sweet Melinda
  163. Sweet misery
  164. Sweet surrender
  165. Take me home, country roads – Someone gave me a CD of his greatest hits, and this is my favorite love song on that CD, and it inspired me to do this posting. Thanks Annabel.
  166. Take me to tomorrow
  167. Tenderly calling – beautiful pictures.
  168. Thank God, I’m a country boy – Johnny Cash and other famous singers here too.
  169. Thanks to you
  170. The Blizzard
  171. The box
  172. The cowboy and the lady
  173. The eagle and the hawk
  174. The flower that shattered the stone
  175. The game is over
  176. The Garden song
  177. The gift you are
  178. The gold and beyond
  179. The harder they fall
  180. The healing song
  181. The higher we fly
  182. The last hobo
  183. The Lord’s prayer – I also have a gospel site if you would like to check it out: Country Gospel and Bible.
  184. The marvellous toy
  185. The music is in you
  186. The Port of Amsterdam
  187. The thought of you
  188. The wings that fly us home
  189. Thirsty boots
  190. This old guitar – The story about the guitar really touched my heart. Also how somebody hated him and hit him over the head with the guitar. Some people have also hated me and my singing. So it is a great comfort that I am not alone in my feelings.
  191. Till you opened my eyes
  192. Today
  193. Tools
  194. Tradewinds
  195. Trail of tears
  196. Tremble if you must
  197. Two different directions
  198. Two shots
  199. Wandering soul
  200. We don’t live here no more
  201. What child is this?
  202. What’s on your mind?
  203. When I’m 64
  204. When I was a cowboy
  205. Wherefore and why
  206. Whispering Jessie
  207. Whose garden was this?
  208. Wild flowers in a mason jar
  209. Wild Montana skies
  210. Windsong
  211. Wooden Indian
  212. Wrangell Mountain song
  213. Yellow cat
  214. Yesterday
  215. You light up my life – Debbie Boone – and Anthem Revelation
  216. You done stomped on my heart
  217. You’re so beautiful
  218. Zachary and Jennifer
  219. His death It is so sad that John Denver’s life was cut short. It seems to happen to so many singers. I hope he was “saved” before he died. I also have a country gospel website, if you would like to check it out: countrygospelandbible.com