Jim Reeves variety of songs

Jim Reeves sang a variety of songs about lots of different subjects, like: children, trains, gambling, blizzards, etc. So I would like to share some of my favorites with you.

1. Old Tige

This one of my favorite love songs about a dog. When I get near the end of this song, I get chills all over my body. Our friend Tony takes care of stray cats, and here is his link: http://www.feralcatsofwelland.com/past_events.html

2. Silver haired Daddy of mine

This is such a lovely song about a Dad. Written by Gene Autry. My Dad was the other side of the world when he died, and I wasn’t able to see him.

3. Railroad bum

I loved this song when I was young. Such beautiful music. I’ve also been in the Silver Dollar in Reno. Won a little bit of money there.

4. Waiting for a train

So much fun being on a train. Lots of memories for me.

5. Fools Paradise

This one brings back so many memories. He said he heard it on an old Tex Ritter movie.

6. White cliffs of Dover

This song is about the Second World War.

7. The Blizzard

Cold weather is a big problem in North America. You gotta be prepared for the worst, or you could be dead. Jim Reeves really does sing a wide variety of songs.

8. Mexican Joe

This was the very first song I sang on TV when I was a kid. I have never been in Mexico, but it felt like a swinging experience.

9. Wreck of the Number Nine

When Jim Reeves died, the radio station played a program of songs in his honour, and this was one of the numbers. It is so sad. This is reality though. Where I lived, the station master made a mistake, and sent out a train, when there was another coming in on that track, and they met head on.

10. Bimbo

On one live recording he says: “I always break a string on Bimbo.”

11. Penny Candy by Johnny Hamblyn

I couldn’t find Jim’s version on the you tube, so I have put in this one.

12. But you love me Daddy

I first heard this one while waiting for a train. It seems so sad that he didn’t have any children of his own. His own Dad died when he was little.

13. Too many parties and too many pals

This is very thought provoking.

14. Distant drums – Jim Reeves variety of songs

I have put this one here instead of by the favorite love songs because it makes me think of when I was in the military. This was a big hit after his death. I think it was number one in the U.K.

15. J.R. on Stage – side one

I had this record when I was young, and loved it very much. I love the way he takes off other country singers.

16. J.R. on stage – side two

When we were in Nashville we were able to see his bus “Big Blue” that was on the back of the record.

17. The 46th anniversary of his passing

I just came across this today (January 20.2014) and enjoyed this nice glimpse of my favorite country singer.

18. Personal Favourites – early years – 50’s

Hi. I just found this one today too. What I thought was so interesting was, seeing Jim and Elvis in the same photo. I always wondered if they knew each other.

19. Cindy Walker talks about her song “Distant Drums” and how J.R. made a demo for her

A very interesting story behind one of his biggest hits.

20. His wife Mary talks about his million sellers

He had 33 gold records in South Africa. When I was a kid in Rhodesia, he was as “big” as Elvis.

21. He talks about being mobbed at the airport near Johannesburg and the film “Kimberley Jim”

We have a copy of the film that we bought at his museum in Nashville.

22. Country singers talk about his drinking and his fighting

Hank Locklin tells an interesting story about how Jim was driving home in a storm, and he saw a man holding up his hand as a stop sign. He stopped, but he saw no man, but then he saw the bridge was down. I believe that must have been an angel warning him and sparing his life on that occasion.

23. His manager shares some secrets

Some interesting facts.

24. The plane crash

A lot of things I didn’t know. It was such a shock when I heard of his death. To me, he was like a father image. His songs were like a father giving advice to his son.

25. Some ‘live’ concerts

He came to Bulawayo, but I didn’t see him.

26. J.R. interview in Europe with museum pictures

As he is talking and singing, you can view the museum.

27. Mary showing the museum part 1

It brings back memories from 1983 when I went there.

28. Mary showing the museum part 2

She has an Elvis jump suit.

29. Mary showing the museum part 3

I took my family there in about 1995, and showed them “Big Blue.”

30. Mary Reeves – A lifetime with Jim

She writes about her happy life with her husband.

31. Mary’s voice – She talks to Larry Jordan – Author of  “His Untold Story”

Apparently some people doubt that Larry knew Mary, so he recorded her telephone conversations.