Favorite Love Songs by Red Sovine

1. Phantom 309

I only heard of Red Sovine later in life, because he was not a hit singer where I come from, but I think he is fantastic, and sings some of my favorite love songs.

2. Teddy Bear – My Favorite Love Song by Red Sovine

As I listen again, I feel my eyes glistening with tears. This is the first one I heard by Red Sovine. I was working as an assistant superintendant at an apartment building in Mississauga, and as I worked on something in a lady’s apartment, she had this song playing, and it gripped me.

3. Roses for Mama

A very touching story. I knew a man once that said he wished he had given flowers to his mother while she was alive.

4. Giddy up go

I had tears in my eyes on this one. I love my son so much, so I guess this is one of my favorite love songs by Red Sovine.

5. Bringing Mary home

Some of these numbers border on the supernatural, which I find exciting.

6. Billy’s Christmas wish

There a many people out there that have tremendous needs.

7. Vietnam Deck of Cards

This is the old song from the Second World War that has been adjusted.

8. Little Rosa

I heard this the other week on a country show in color, so I will try and find it there too. A very touching story.

9. Little Joe

A beautiful story about a dog. I started telling my wife just now, and choked up with tears. Yesterday she showed me a story of a baby abandoned at the side of the road in the winter, and a policeman found her. She is now a beautiful teenager.

10. Beyond the Sunset (Should you go first)

Another one of my favorite love songs.

11. The Last Goodbye

Another supernatural number.

12. Little Rosa (in color)

Red Sovine is in the third song on this Country Stars Show, as Webb Pierce opens the song for him.

Favorite love songs can mean many different things to many different people. Sometimes it is about animals, or children, or country, or God, not just about a man and a woman.

13. The king’s last concert (about Elvis Presley)


14. If Jesus came to your house

I don’t know why there a pictures of Elvis with this song. This song meant a lot to me many years ago.

15. Why, Baby, why

Nice music.

16. No one’s too big to cry

Someone wrote that he is the “King of tear jerk country.” I think that’s a nice title.

17. I think I can sleep tonight

I was trying to tell my daughter about this song, and I got so choked up that I couldn’t talk.

18. Twenty one

So many of these numbers bring tears to my eyes. It made me think of how Angelina Jolie’s dad left her when she was little.

19. Are you mine (with Goldie Hill)

Looks like a nice TV show.

20. Daddy

This brought back memories of my dad.

21. Tear stained guitar

My poor old guitar went through a tough time with me.

22. I got religion

My parents were very religious, and brought me up that way.

23. Except the Lord

If the Lord hadn’t helped me, I would have been sunk a long time ago.

24. Is there really a Santa Claus

Another heart touching number.

25. Six days on the road

I used to love being on the road, going from town to town, singing for Jesus. I did it for many years.