Elvis Presley – Favorite Gospel Songs

I have heard it said that Elvis originally wanted to be a singer of Gospel songs. I have a video where J.D. Sumner says he used to let young Elvis in to their concerts through the back door, because he couldn’t afford to pay to get in. When I was in Africa, I had almost all his religious records..I hope you enjoy my selection.

1. If we never meet again – my favorite Elvis Presley Gospel song

This has been my favorite since I was young. Somehow it has been burned into my spirit.

2. We call on Him

He points out that it is only when we are in trouble that we call on the Lord. I saw a car sticker that said: “God wants to be your steering wheel, not your spare tire.”

3. There is no God but God

I remember singing this song at a beach in East London, trying to reach the lost.

4. He is my everything

These are far better words than: “There goes my everything!”

5. His hand in mine

I wish I could feel His hand in mine right now.

6. Without Him

Jesus said that he is the vine and we are the branches. That without him we cannot bear any fruit. We need to be always plugged into Jesus.

7. It is no secret

Although this is a real old one, it still keeps running through my head every now and then.

8. He touched me

I had this record, and I need some healing right now, so I am waiting for the Lord to touch me and make me whole.

9. In my Father’s house

This morning as I went for a walk, this song was on my heart, so I have added it on here. Some of these words have so much meaning. “He’s preparing me a mansion there I kinow.”  An Elvis fan has added this gospel song to the web, and the pictures are so beautiful. God bless y’all.

10. Bye and bye

This morning as I was waiting for a man to work on the house, I went to this page. I got so carried away that I listened to lots of videos, so I am adding on a whole lot more.

11. If the Lord wasn’t walking by my my side

As I listened to him singing, it was like I was having fellowship with him.

12. Mansion over the hilltop

When I was little, I remember going to a youth meeting, and they were sitting around a fire singing and playing music. This was one of the choruses they sang. Such wonderful memories.

13. Why me Lord

This gospel song is done by Elvis, and J.D.Sumner.

14. Known only to Him

I sang this song when I was a teenager.

15. Who am I

I first heard this song by Jimmy Swaggart.

16. Where no one stands alone

I always associate this song with Porter Wagoner.

17. Help me

I have a record of this song by Yan Venter, but I first heard it by Kris Kristofferson.

18. Stand by me

When I’m growing old and feelbe, stand by me. Amen.

19. In the garden

Recently, I read the story of how this song was written. A man had a vision of Mary Magdalene by the garden tomb. Peter and John visited the tomb and left, and she was alone crying, when Jesus came to her, and comforted her. It adds a whole new meaning to the song.

20. Amazing Grace

An old song, but he makes it feel new.

21. Peace in the valley

I read a long time ago of how a guy was on a train and they were going through a peaceful valley. It was just before the second world war, and he was inspired to write this song.

22. You’ll never walk alone

Jesus said He will never leave us.

23. Somebody bigger

We are so small compared to the universe that God has made.

24. I asked the Lord

I had never heard this song before. It seems like a home recording. On TV one time they said he did recordings in the “Jungle room.” I have been there when I visited Graceland.

25. Where could I go

I was influenced by his recordings, and so I recorded this one on my LP many years ago.

26. Dixieland

Glory, glory, hallelujah.

27. How great Thou art “live”

Apparently, this was Elvis’ favorite Gospel song. I always associate it with the mountain near the Ponderosa. I went for a walk there a few days before we saw Elvis, and it was just like the second verse of the song: “When through the woods, and the forest glades I wander, and hear the birds sing so sweetly up in the trees. When I look down from lofty mountain grandeur, and hear the brook, and feel the gentle breeze. Then sings my soul…”

28. He knows just what I need

I loved this song so much when I was young.

29. Run on

Tom Jones sings this song too now. I guess was also influenced by E.P.

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