Elvis Impersonators

There are probably hundreds of guys who are Elvis Impersonators, singing his favorite love songs, but I would like to share a few with you.

1. Andy Kaufman on the Johnny Carson Show

“Love me” and “Blue suede shoes.” I think this guy is very funny.

2. Andy Kaufman  on the Johnny Cash Show

“That’s when your heartaches begin.”

3. Andy Kaufman – Treat me nice

Johnny Cash said that Andy was Elvis’ favorite impersonator.

4. Ben Portsmouth at Collingwood

When I was typing it, I made an error and typed Dollingwood! Maybe Dolly Parton will come next! This is Ben singing “I can’t stop loving you” – one of my own personal favorite love songs.

5. Shawn Klush at Collingwood 2013

One of the ultimate Elvis Impersonator winners. CC Rider.

6. Wayne Fontaine – When my blue moon turns to gold again.

He plays the guitar real good!

7. Martin Fontaine – (make up man) – Hound Dog

The make up is incredible. All of these artists are so incredible, and do such wonderful imitations of the king.

8. Donny Edwards – alias The king

It is very interesting to hear Donny’s story of how people persuaded him to get into it.

9. Chris Connor – Rise of a Legend

He looks a lot like Elvis.

10. Darren Lee – Walk a mile in my shoes

This is a good song – the words are so true. So many people love to criticize, when they don’t know what it’s like to be in your shoes.

11. 2012 Memphis finalists

So many Elvis Impersonators. Looks like the women love it!

12. Cody Ray Slaughter at Collingwood 2012

“Shake, rattle and roll, baby.”

13. Elvis Impersonator – Dean Z  – Las Vegas 2014

Receives the “Heart of the king” award, then goes into action. Wow, Dean does all the moves of the king in just a couple of songs. He is very good at his imitation. I wonder how his girlfriend feels about him kissing all the girls.

14. Priscilla at Collingwood 2014

Wow, it is so nice to see her. She is the real deal. The ex-wife. Up close and personal. Knows all about him. I read her book some years back. She is a year older than me – I just looked it up.

15. Jim Carrey – Blue suede shoes

I think this might be part of a movie.

16. David Scott – Always on my mind

It is sad to see he died so young.

17. A Canadian woman looking for her father – he turns out to be an Elvis impersonator in Thailand.

I saw this on the news the other week, and I thought it was very interesting.

18. Colin “Elvis” Young

She found her Daddy!

19. Ray Stevens – I saw Elvis in a UFO

I saw Elvis and a UFO, but not at the same time! This guy is so funny.

20. Elvis Priestly at Silky O’Sullivan’s

21. Elvis Priestly – Eternity Rolls

22. Gospel Elvis – Leland Johnson

I have had his poster on my bedroom wall for the last 20 years!


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