Favorite Love Songs by Merle Haggard

I had a whole lot of favorite love songs by Merle Haggard on this site, but many of them have been taken off. So I have adjusted the site accordingly.

1. Big city

Back in the eighties I heard this song a lot on the radio, and longed to quit my job and head for the wild west.

2. Okie from Muskogee

This was a big hit for him.

3. Today I started loving you again

Another favorite love song.

4. When my blue moon turns to gold again

This has been one of my favorite love songs since I was a teenager.

5. Nobody’s darling but mine

Another favorite love song.

6. Sing me back home

About a man in prison.

7. Are the best times really over for good

8. Running kind – the fugitive

I saw Merle Haggard on TV once where he was saying that Johnny Cash gave him some good advice. He said he must tell the people he has been in prison, that the people would understand. If he didn’t, and the media found out, they would ruin his career.

9. Mama’s hungry eyes

10. One of my favorite love songs by Merle Haggard – Slowly but surely – with Bonnie Owens

They are falling in love.

11. Forever and ever – with Bonnie Owens

When people fall in love, they vow it is forever.

12. Just between the two of us – with Bonnie Owens

It is so sad to see that so many marriages don’t last.

13. Faded love

14. San Antone Rose

15. You never even called me by my name

16. Impersonations

I found it is so funny the way Merle Haggard sings and acts like the other famous people.

Here are some of Merle Haggard’s gospel songs:

17. Wait a little longer please Jesus (with Bonnie Owens)

18. Life’s railroad to heaven

19. On the Jericho road

20. If we never meet again

21. Mama’s prayer

22. Family Bible

23. One day at a time

24. Just a closer walk with Thee  ‘live’

25. What a friend we have in Jesus

26. You never even called me by my name

27. Why me Lord

28. I’ll fly away

31. What will it be like

29. Victory in Jesus

I also have a Gospel web site. If you want to check it out and here more of his gospel songs, go to:  http://countrygospelandbible.com/