Orange Blossom Special

I first heard the Orange Blossom Special song on a record by Johnny Cash singing in Folsom Prison. It became one of my favorite love songs. Here are a whole bunch of artists doing the same song in all different ways. Some of these people are so talented, that it makes me feel like I am still in Kindergarten with my music.

1. Billy Vaughn – Orange Blossom Special

Some real nice train journeys here.

2. James Last

This feels like a carnaval in Florida!

3. Johnny Cash in San Quentin Prison

Check how he plays.

4. Don Rich and the Buckaroos

5. Roy Clark and band

6. Well Oiled Sisters

7. Johnny cash – with trains

8. Country Sisters

These girls have so much talent.

9. Greg Booth – dobro

I wish I could play like this.

10. Adam Swanson – piano

11. Casey Henry – banjo

12. Electric banjo

13. Electric guitar – Patrick Lozac’h

14.  Irvin T. Rouse – orchestra

15. The Spotnicks 1963

16. Mexican style

17. Buddy Greene – harmonica

Everybody has a different way of playing the Orange Blossom Special song. I hope you have enjoyed some of these renditions.