Favorite Gospel Songs by Willie Nelson

Last year I heard that Willie Nelson had died, I so decided to do a tribute to him of some of my favorite gospel songs that he wrote and sang. When I checked his history, I found out that apparently he hasn’t died, and it was just a hoax. I don’t know him personally, so I cannot tell for sure. Some time ago I did a section on my favorite love songs that he sings, but anyway, I have decided to go ahead and honor him regarding the spiritual songs that he sang. A friend told me once that he wished he had given his mother flowers while she was alive. So here are some “flowers” for Mr. Nelson.

1. Just a closer walk with Thee

This is the very first song I ever sung in front of an audience, and I forgot most of the words.

2. How great Thou art

This is my favorite gospel song for worshiping God.

3. Just as I am

4. Amazing grace

5. The lily of the valley

6. Unclouded day

7. I’ll fly away

8. Were you there when they crucified my Lord

9. Family Bible – One of my favorite gospel songs written by Willie Nelson

10. Farther along

11. Where He leads me

12. Showers of blessing

13. It is no secret

14. In God’s eyes

The write up says this favorite gospel song was also written by Mr. Willie Nelson. It has some very good words.

15. Kneel at the feet of Jesus

This is a swinging song with a good message.

16. Where the soul never dies

17. Gather at the river

18. I’d rather have Jesus

19. What a friend we have in Jesus

20. Just a little talk with Jesus

There are lots of people who hate Jesus, so it is nice to see that Mr. Willie Nelson believes in Jesus. I also have a gospel site with lots more of his songs if you would like to check it out at: countrygospelandbible.com