Hank Williams

I feel like going back in time to the old Hank Williams. I find the past so fascinating. Unfortunately some of the favorite love songs are a bit sad.

1. I can’t help it if I’m still in love with you (with Anita Carter)

This looks like a live TV show. I heard this song when I was a teenager, and many times it ran through my head regarding a girlfriend I used to have.

2. Hey Good Looking

I was singing at a retirement village once, when someone requested this song.

3. Cold, Cold Heart

Some of these words are very real: “Another love before my time, made your heart sad and blue, and so my heart is paying now, for things I didn’t do.”

4. Your cheating heart

It seems like Hank Williams had a lot of love problems.

5. Jambalaya

Lots of country folks sing this number.

6. Blue eyes crying in the rain

I wonder if Hank did this one first?

7. Be careful of stones that you throw

This is a moral song that is worth a listen.

8. A tramp on the street

I had a record of Pat Boone singing this song. It is so good to find it again.

9. Beyond the sunset

I think this should be called: “Should you go first.”

10. Hank Williams – Life story

His life was way too short.