Favourite Holiday Songs

I want to share some Favourite Holiday Songs, that make me feel like I am in the sun by the beach.

1. Summer Holiday –  Sir Cliff Richard

This is an oldie, but a goodie, and still one of my favourite holiday songs.

2. White Silver Sands – Slim Whitman

A beautiful love song.

3. Yellow Bird – The Merrymen of Barbados

I am trying to choose songs that give me that free and easy feeling.

4. Tropical Island Music – Island Paradise

There are beautiful pictures of the sea, with beautiful music.

5. Love Letters in the sand – Pat Boone

This song always gets me to think of the sea, and all the good times we had.

6. I’ll sail my ship alone – Slim Whitman

It is so nice to be by the sea.

7. Beaches of Barbados

Lovely movies of the sea, the steel drums playing Yellow Bird. It gives me a vacation feeling.

8. Beach at Cornwall

This is a beach adventure in Cornwall. I have never been there, so it is an adventure for me. I had a Beatles song in this slot, but it got forbidden.

9. Surfing U.S.A. – The Beach Boys

I never get tired of listening to this song. It makes me wish I was surfing right now.

10. Pearly Shells – Burl Ives

Makes me want to be on the beach.

11. Red Sails in the Sunset – Slim Whitman

Some lovely pics of the sea. This makes me think of Uncle Charles and Auntie Kay who lived by the sea, and played this song on their mouth organs.

12. Relaxing music – time lapses

Time lapse movies of beautiful sunsets and scenery. It is like traveling around the world from your computer.

13. Hawaiian music and sea movies

Lovely music to enjoy with the beautiful scenery.

14. Aloha Oe – Hawaiian guitar

Relax in Hawaii.

15. Blue Hawaii – Billy Vaughn

I have never been to Hawaii, so this is a close as I can get. One of my favourite holiday love songs by Elvis Presley.

16. True Love – Bing and Grace

This is as good as it gets.

17. Moonlight Bay – Sir Cliff Richard

Auntie Kay and Uncle Charles used to play this one too.

18. Every day’s a Holiday

This is one of my own favourite holiday songs based on a vacation my brother and I had at Margate.

19. Go to Florida – one of my favourite holiday songs

I always long to be in a warm area by the sea.

20. Uvongo Beach

My parents stayed here when they were old, so we used to visit them and swim in the sea. I remember walking with my kids to the beach. It was so beautiful. Memories galore.

21. Tahiti

I have never been there, but it sounds like fun.

22. White silver sands – Earnest Tubb

This song is listed earlier, but I like this version too. Nice photos of the beach.