Favorite Love Songs by Shania Twain

Shania Twain is hugely popular, as you can see from the amount of views she gets, and the massive crowds at the “live” performances, and I think she writes a lot of her own favorite love songs.

1. Whose bed have your boots been under

2. Any man of mine

3. Man, I feel like a woman

4. From this moment on

5. Forever and always

Love is supposed to be forever, so this is one of my favorite love songs.

6. You’re still the one

7. That don’t impress me much

8. You’ve got a way

9. I ain’t no quitter

I admire the way that Shania Twain has such a strength of character in her singing favorite love songs. This song is a real lesson on not to quit when things get rough.

10. Don’t be stupid

11. Up!

12. No one needs to know

13. Love gets me every time

14. When you kiss me

15. Honey I’m home –”live”

16. What made you say that

17. Home ain’t where his heart is anymore

It is very sad to see her marriage crumble.

18. I’m outta here (video)

19. I’m outta here  “live”

20. Any man of mine “live”

21. Man! I feel like a woman – “live” – a favorite love song by Shania Twain

22. I’m gonna  getcha for good  “live”

23. Rock this country  “live”

These “live” shows by Shania Twain are incredible. The people love her so much.

24. Blue eyes crying in the rain

It is a tradition to end a country show with a gospel song, so I am using this favorite love song as an example. The song say: “When we meet again up yonder.” So it is talking about heaven. I also have a gospel website if anyone is interested: countrygospelandbible.com