Favorite love songs by Doris Day

I first heard Doris Day singing when I was just a little boy, so this goes way back to my childhood. I have compiled a list of some of my favorite love songs that she sings, together with some of her interviews, which I find very fascinating. She seems to be a very up-beat person.

1. Sunshine medley – with John Denver

Some snazzy footwork here.

2. Sleepy lagoon

Some beautiful pictures.

3. Moonlight Bay – a favorite love song by Doris Day

4. The way we were – from a TV show

5. I left my heart in San Francisco – with Tony Bennett

This brings back memories of San Francisco.

6. Hold me in your arms – from a movie

7. When I fall in love -1952

8. Dream a little dream of me

This is a favorite love song. Makes me feel I am on holiday by the sea.

9. Que Sera Sera – movie version

10. Fly me to the moon – pics with Rock Hudson

11. I can’t give you anything but love, Baby

My mother used to sing this favorite love song when I was little.

12. Blue skies

13. Fools rush in

14. Three coins in a fountain – with Frank Sinatra

15. They say it’s wonderful

16. More

17. Till we meet again

18. When I grow too old to dream

19. Happy talk

20. Make someone happy

21. Quiet stars of quiet nights

22. All I do is dream of you

23. Cheek to cheek

24. Singing in the rain

25. Someday I’ll find you

26. With a song in my heart

27. People will say we’re in love

28. When you’re smiling

29. Sentimental journey

30. On the Johnny Carson show

31. Last TV interview

32. Secret love

33. I’ll never stop loving you

34. 90th birthday celebration

35. Secret love – different pictures

36. If I give my heart to you

37. Day by day

This is where Doris Day got her ‘play play’ surname.

38. You’ll never walk alone

39. Nearer my God to Thee

Doris Day was also very religious.

40. Mike Douglas show 1975 – interview – very good

41. Gary Collins interview 1985

42. Lucille Ball interview 1964

43. Johnny Carson show 1976 – with Rex

44. Viki Lawrence interview 1993

45. Barbara Walters interview part 1 – 1970’s

46. Barbara Walters interview part 2

47. Joan Lunden interview 1993

48. David Hartman interview part 1

49. David Hartman interview part 3

50. David Hartman interfview part 4

51. By the light of the silvery moon

52. Stardust and Just the way you look tonight

53. It had to be you

54. Everybody loves a lover

This is a fascinating favorite love songs by Doris Day. A really up-beat attitude. I went to dictionary.com to find out what Pollyanna meant, and it means someone who is very optimistic, based on a novel by an old days American writer.

55. Everybody loves a lover – with movie clips

56. Everybody loves a lover – different pics

57. A guy is a guy

58. A guy is a guy – with movie clips

59. Teacher’s pet

60. Fly me to the moon – movie clip with Rock Hudson driving in a car