Johnny Cash Gospel Songs

I love Johnny Cash’s gospel songs. Some of them I have sung many times over the years at various venues.

1. I talk to Jesus every day

I just love this one, and have sung it hundreds of times.

2. It was Jesus

Here is singing at a concert. I read his book where he said he wanted to be a gospel singer, but the man at the record business wanted him to just sing the rockabilly stuff.

3. I saw a man

When I was learning to sing this one, it felt like such a holy feeling. Like I was on holy ground when I sang it.

4. Wings in the morning

I saw this album on sale many years ago, so bought a whole bunch and sent them to all the family. A few years ago when we were in Scotland, my one sister asked me to sing this song, but I had forgotten the words. So it is so nice to find it on the youtube.

5. I saw the light

Jesus said He is the light of the world.

6. Daddy sang bass

I sang this one at my one sister’s wedding reception. We did a lot of singing together as children. My family had church in the house five times a week!

7. Old time religion

We sang this one many times as a family.

8. How great Thou art

Everyone sings this one, but it is still one of the greatest worship hymns.

9. Here was a man

I bought this record back in about 1972, and many times I could feel the Holy Spirit moving when I sang it at various church meetings.

10. Over the next hill we’ll be home

Many times on the road, I would sing this song as we were nearing our destination.

11. The Preacher said: Jesus said

So good to see Johnny Cash working with Dr. Billy Graham.

12. The old account was settled long ago

I sang this one when I was a teenager. It brings back lots of memories. Dear friend, please make your peace with God, because we never know when we are going to die. I have been close to death many times.

13. Life’s Railway to Heaven

Another favourite gospel song I sang in my childhood, except, I used to sing “railroad.”

14. The Fourth Man

When my kids were little, we often sat around the fire at night in the garden, and I would play my guitar, and sing this one.

15. Jesus was a carpenter

When I sang this one, I used to change the names of the places to suit the country I was in.

16. Are all the children in – one of my Favorite Johnny Cash Gospel Songs

This is such a powerful song. There have been times when I have sung this, and given the invitation for salvation, and about 50 young people resonded, giving their hearts to Jesus.

17. I call Him

I sang this one night at a church service, and the evangelist mentioned it in his sermon. The next night I was singing on the TV, when the evangelist came on right in the middle of the show, and I had to come on right after him singing: “Honeycomb won’t you be my baby.” I felt so terrible. That was the beginning of me switching to gospel songs.

18. I won’t have to cross Jordan alone (by the Jordan River)

This is so beautiful. Johnny Cash by the Jordan River singing one verse of this good old gospel song.

19. I won’t have to cross Jordan alone (whole song)

This is the record version. The other week I heard Willian Branham sing this on the internet, and it felt so holy. I had forgotten that Johnny did this number too, so I am so glad I found it.

20. An old chunk of coal

I remember this song from my old records of Johnny Cash, and so glad to find it. I’m gonna be a diamond someday!

21. That’s enough

I have just found this lovely song that I have wanted to find for years. The words are such the blessing to me. He talks about how people say bad things about him, and says: “I won’t miss a friend that I never had.”

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