Mockingbird Hill – A Favorite love song

Early the other morning as I looked out of my bedroom window and “surveyed my kingdom,” it made me think of this song: Mockingbird Hill. Lately the world news has made me so depressed, with all those deaths in Kabul, and the other people stranded there at the airport, etc, that I have decided to go back to listening to songs. Songs uplift my spirit and make me happy. Here are lots of singers performing this favorite love song. Maybe I will learn it too, and sing it somewhere, sometime.

  1. Patti Page – Mockingbird Hill
  2. Burl Ives
  3. Roberta Linn
  4. Slim Whitman
  5. Les Paul and Mary Ford
  6. Lennon Sisters
  7. Slim Whitman (again)
  8. The Pinetoppers and The Beaver Valley Sweethearts
  9. Janey Kirk
  10. Gene Pitney and George Jones
  11. Imelda May
  12. Donna Fargo
  13. Hank Snow and Anita Carter
  14. Wilf Carter
  15. Elton Britt and Rosalie Allen
  16. Janie Brannon
  17. Jean Shepard
  18. Teresa Brewer
  19. Ronnie Ronalde
  20. Sons of the Pioneers
  21. The Buddy Holly Story
  22. Elaine Silver
  23. Maureen Moore
  24. Therese Botha
  25. The Shannon Sisters
  26. Yodeling Slim Clark
  27. Ann and CW
  28. American Girls
  29. Ron Muise
  30. The Taffetas
  31. Texas Ladies
  32. DW
  33. Mimi Martel Duet
  34. Mickey and Bunny

I hope this favorite love songs brings many happy memories for you, and brightens your day. Apparently Mockingbird Hill was a big hit for Patti Page in the “old days.”