Shelley Fabares – Favorite love songs

Shelley Fabares says she can’t sing, yet one of her favourite love songs: “Johnny Angel” hit number one on the billboard hit parade. I remember years ago having the video of the movie Clambake, and seeing her on there with Elvis Presley. Apparently she was on three movies with Elvis. I saw her once on a surfing movie too.  I have tried to put together a bunch of her songs in alphabetical order, and I hope you like them. She is still alive, yet Elvis left us many years ago.

Shelley Fabares  remembers Elvis Presley

  1. Big Star
  2. Boy of my own
  3. Breaking up is so hard to do
  4. Football season’s over
  5. Funny face
  6. Girl Happy – with Elvis
  7. Hi-Lilli, Hi-Lo
  8. I’m growing up
  9. It keeps right on a hurting
  10. It’s been a long, long time
  11. Johnny Angel – My favorite love song by Shelley Fabares
  12. Johnny get angry
  13. Johnny loves me
  14. Locomotion
  15. Lost summer love
  16. Love letters
  17. Make me happy
  18. My prayer
  19. Palisades Park
  20. Picnic
  21. Pretty please
  22. Puppet on a string – Elvis sings to her
  23. Ronnie call me
  24. Roses are red
  25. Sealed with a kiss
  26. See you in September
  27. Spinout car race – with Elvis
  28. Spring fever – with Elvis
  29. Talks about “Johnny Angel” success
  30. Telephone
  31. The things we did last summer
  32. True love
  33. V-A-C-A-T-I-O-N
  34. Very unlikely – with Paul Petersen
  35. Welcome home
  36. Where’s it gonna get me?

I hope you enjoy some of these favorite love songs by Shelley Fabares, and I hope they bring back happy memories of the old days of long ago. By the way, I also have a gospel website, if you would like to check it out. It is great to have fun here on earth, but the most important thing is to get saved by faith in Jesus Christ, and have a great eternity too! God bless y’all.