Favorite love songs by Guy Mitchell

When I was little, one of my favorite love songs was ‘Singing the blues.’ Later in life I have discovered it was sung by Guy Mitchell. Thanks Guy! Here are some of his songs, and I hope you like them.

  1. Alphabet song – with Petula Clark
  2. Christopher Columbus
  3. Heartaches by the number – Original version 1959 – my favorite love song by Guy Mitchell
  4. Heartaches by the number “live” with The Four Lads – in Color 1981 – with Orchestra – Lots of songs
  5. Heartaches by the number – Electric Guitar cover
  6. I can’t help it (if I’m still in love with you)
  7. It keeps right on a hurtin’
  8. Look at that girl
  9. My heart cries for you – with lyrics
  10. My heart cries for you – a different recording
  11. My shoes keep walking back to you
  12. My Truly, Truly Fair
  13. Rock-A-Billy
  14. Singing the blues – with Ray Conniff and Orchestra
  15. Singing the blues – On Ed Sullivan TV Show 1956
  16. Singing the blues – On Color TV 1984
  17. Sippin’ soda
  18. Sweet stuff
  19. Tennessee Waltz
  20. There’s a pawnshop on a corner in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania
  21. Your cheating heart Many of these songs take me way back to my childhood. Even though I am old now, the memories of these favorite love songs and Guy Mitchell still warm my heart. Remember to always keep love in your heart. Love is better than hatred and violence.