My Favourite Love Songs about Mother

Here are some of my Favourite Loves Songs about Mother. Some are old ones, and some are delightful ones I have never heard before.

1. I dreamed about Mama last night – Hank Williams – my favourite love song about mother

Here is a special one that brings back lots of memories. One night when I was staying with my mother-in-law, and I came home late, she was waiting at the door ready to beat me! That was a big shock. My mother never did that.

2. I’ve just told Mama goodbye – Hank Williams

When we were by my Mother’s bed, my wife kept telling me to tell my Mother that I forgive her. It was very difficult for me. It took a week before I said it, and then she died that night.

3. Flowers for Mama – George Jones

I once knew a guy who told me that he wish he had given flowers to his mother while she was alive.

4. Will my Mother know me there? – Mariska Hargitay

Her mother is Jane Mansfield. Mariska acts in a TV series.

5. When Mama sang the angels stopped to listen – George Jones

This is a very touching song. Listen to the words.

6. Mama’s hands – George Jones

These words are very powerful. Give it a listen.

7. I.O.U., Mom- Jimmy Dean

I saw Jimmy sing this one on TV, and I bought the record many years ago. I always think of it when I need clean underwear! The other day I was thinking of these words: “Don’t scratch it or it won’t get well.” I still have that problem. This is still one of my favourite love songs about mother.

8. That Old Rocking Chair – Mac Wiseman

Yesterday the power went out for about three hours, so I ended up singing and playing the guitar for a while. This is the second song I sang, and it touched my heart so much. It brought back so many memories. Lots of regrets concerning my mother. It is so tough getting old.

9. I havent seen Mama in years – Mac Wiseman

I have just heard this song for the first time, and I like it. She knew his footsteps.

10. I want to stroll over heaven with you – Alan Jackson

This one should maybe be in the Mama section, because his Mama is in the audience. A very nice song.

As you listen to these favourite love songs about mother, remember to love your mother, no matter how much she criticizes you. Down deep, she really does love you.