Favorite Love Songs by Dean Martin

Here is Dean Martin singing some of my favorite love songs.

1. Welcome to my world

He is so much fun. This is from one of the Dean Martin shows. I have seen snatches from various shows on the TV. This was one of my favorite love songs sung by Gentleman Jim Reeves.

2. Send me the pillow that you dream on (live)

He is such a good entertainer. This is one of my all time favorite love songs.

3. Somewhere there’s a someone

This gives hope to people that are lonely. He makes me smile so much. He seems like such a happy person.

4. Since I met you Baby

“My whole life has changed.” Isn’t that the truth!

5. Hey Good Lookin’ – with Country Singers

Did there used to be a two dollar bill in the USA?

6. Send me the pillow that you dream on – One of my favorite love songs by Dean Martin

This is the record version, which is better quality than the live recording.

7. Houston

I have been down and out many times, so I really feel with this one.

8. Mr. Wonderful (live) – Mr. Funny

He is so entertaining, singing for Ronald Reagan.

9. Things – with Nancy Sinatra

When I used to sing this one, I felt so sad and blue, but he makes it feel exciting!

10. Second hand Rose

This is such a lovely song. Dean Martin puts so much feeling into this number.

11. You`ve still got a place in my heart

If only all people felt this way, the world would be a better place.

12. The tips of my fingers

This is a really touching lost love song, that I can relate to. The one that got away!

13. My Woman, my Woman, my Wife

Such a touching tribute to a wife. I first heard this one by Marty Robbins.

14. For the good times

Here Dean Martin looks so sad, and I know he went through a lot of sadness in his life. I hope he made it through the pearly gates. Later on, I will add on some more of my favorite love songs.

15. Tie a yellow ribbon

This is a good song.

16. Gentle on my mind

I have often heard this one on the radio.

17. Singing the blues

This was a hit when I was a kid.

18. Red sails in the sunset

Still one of my favourites.

19. That’s Amore

“When the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie.”

20. Return to me

Sung so beautifully.

21. Everybody loves somebody

One of his biggest hits.

22. Memories are made of this

Thanks for the memories.

23. Isle of Capri

I heard this song from my mother.

24.  In the misty moonlight

25. With Goldie Hawn

26. Interview – 1983

27. I take a lot of pride in what I am

28. With Tennessee Ernie Ford

29. With Lorne Greene

30. The door is still open to my heart

About a hundred times or more, I have put links to songs on the YouTube, only to find they have later been taken off. Maybe people are uploading pirate copies, or maybe it’s the Pirates of the Caribbean that are taking them. If you see Johnny Depp, please ask him if he has seen the songs!

31. Let me call you sweetheart – with Kate Smith

32. Cheek to cheek – with Juliet Prowse

I laughed a lot on this one.

33. Corina, Corina

34. In the misty moonlight – different pictures

35. Houston

Some nice pictures.

36. Little green apples

Family pictures.

37. Welcome to my world – skydiving

38. Frontier doctor – with Foster Brooks

39. I’ve grown accustomed to her face

Lovely family photos.

40. Remembering D.M. – a tribute

41. Person to person with Edward Murrow

See the whole family at home.

42. With daughter Deana

43. With daughter Gail

44. D.M. show – first episode

45. D.M. memorial