The Rolling Stones

The Rolling Stones sing some of my favourite love songs. They were a big hit when I was a young pop singer, so I am sharing the songs I heard back in the sixties. I recently bought a book by Keith Richards called: “Life.”¬† I found it very interesting, and it is a tremendous book, but unfortunately he uses a lot of bad words. When I read books, I scratch out the bad words, so I had to do a lot of scratching. I am praying for you Keith. Remember, Jesus loves you.

1. Under the Boardwalk

The Rolling Stones were the first ones I heard sing this one, and it is still one of my favorite love songs. I always long to be by the beach, on a nice warm, sunny day.

2. High heel sneakers

Put on your red dress baby, we’re going out tonight. There is something about a red dress that makes a girl look hot.

3. Not fade away

We had this record by The Crickets, but I prefer their version.

4. As tears go by

Keith said that their manager locked him and Mick in a kitchen one night, and told them to write a song. So they came up with this one, which was a big hit for Marianne Faithful. My wife said she heard it by Virginia Lee.

5. It’s all over now

Sometimes things go wrong in love, unfortunately.

6. Satisfaction

This was a very big hit for The Rolling Stones.

7. Get offa my cloud

Keith said they wrote this one because of all the people that were bugging them.

8. Time is on my side

I remember seeing them on the “Hollywood a Go Go” show.

9. Paint it black

I remember seeing a TV series on the Vietnam war, and this was the theme song.

10. 19th nervous breakdown

Some of their songs seem to have a lot of aggression.

11. Route 66

I only understood this song when we travelled by car across America.

12. The Rolling Stones – The last time

I think I had this record back in 1965. There seems to be a hypnotic sound to this song.

13. “Live” concert 1964

I love the energy from the “live” performance and the audience reaction. It brings back memories of my childhood.

14. I wanna be your lover Baby

I wanna be your man! Love the energy.