Favorite Love Songs by Fats Domino

1. Blueberry Hill “live” – My Favorite Love Song by Fats Domino

Fats Domino has the crowd excited here on this “live’ recording. Thank you to all those involved.

2. I’m walking

Here is another one of his famous songs. He has a real good band, and he plays a mean piano.

3. I hear you knocking

I heard this song on the radio the other day that inspired me to do this section. The master at work.

4. Kansas City

I heard this song when I was young, and it was such a thrill to one day drive through Kansas City and think of this song. Both cities.

5. I want to walk you home

Very nicely done. Thank you to the person who put all those nice pictures with it.

6. Walking to New Orleans

Walking “live” to New Orleans. His girl spent all his money. It is a real juggling act between a guy loving a girl, and a girl loving a guy’s money.

7. Red sails in the sunset

The singing, the music and the pictures are all so very beautiful. Thank you Mr. Domino and the band and the computer expert who loaded the pictures.

8. I’m a fool to care

I think I have heard somebody else sing this song, but Fats Domino does it real well.

9. My Blue Heaven

When I was a teenager I heard an instrumental on this song, and I always wondered what it was all about. Then one day I heard Fats sing it on the radio, and it satisfied my curiosity. “Molly and me, and baby make three.”


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